Watch eventing world champion Yasmin Ingham’s ‘Journey To The Top’, brought to you by LeMieux *Promotion*

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    This year, LeMieux is inviting you to join them as they capture the “Journey To The Top” of elite Team LeMieux riders in a special series of one-off interviews. Discover the ambition, competition and determination of these international equestrians that breeds success.

    Episode one features world champion Yasmin Ingham’s inspiring journey to the top – a story about dreaming big, working hard, competing against your heroes, and winning against the odds.

    The will to win

    From a tiny island in the Irish Sea to being crowned the world champion event rider, Yasmin Ingham has always been competitive. Equestrian sport demands you put everything you’ve got into it, and then some. As Yasmin says: “My drive, determination, and guts to give it my all, has been a big part of my success.”

    Always at peace with animals, she started riding as a tiny tot on the lead rein. Watching the London 2012 Olympics lit the fire in her belly to succeed at the highest level – team and individual gold at the European Pony Championships in 2013 soon followed, riding Craig Mor Tom.

    A special bond

    Enter the late Sue Davies, owner of the brilliant horse Banzai du Loir, and her daughter Janette Chinn, who took 16-year-old Yasmin onto their Cheshire yard to ride their string of competition horses – and subsequently, into their hearts. “I knew it was very difficult for Yasmin to leave her family unit – in essence, I became foster mum. But that’s one of the things I love about her – she wants things to happen, and she’s made things happen,” says Janette.

    For love of a horse

    “When I’m riding Banzai, I know that he loves it as much as I do, and he wants to do it for me. It’s an amazing feeling that he trusts me, and he wants to do it just as much as I do,” says Yasmin, who Janette credits with bringing the horse to his current standard. “It makes it very special to have the relationship and partnership we do. He’s the best, I love him to bits.”

    It takes a team

    Yasmin also extends her gratitude to her support team: “They look after the horses to the absolute highest standard. It’s so important that when you have amazing results you can all celebrate together and it’s everybody’s win.” But it’s not just the good times that this strong team shares. “When there are bad days, they’re there to put an arm around me and pick me up if I’m down in the dumps. I do feel lucky that I have the best support,” reflects Yasmin.

    And the horse? “Banzai is so special. His personality, his work ethic, he just loves his job from his core. He lives every day to be an event horse. He thrives off sport. He’s very special, without a doubt,” says yard groom Denise Williams.

    An incredible day

    All the hard work culminated in that incredible day in Pratoni. “My world championship title – it’s the cherry on the top,” says a proud Yasmin, wiping away a rare tear. “I remember looking over to Sue and pointing at my medal and saying this is thanks to you.”

    “It was just an incredible day,” remembers an emotional Janette. “One that I will never forget. Never.”

    The future’s bright

    Yasmin’s support team is right behind her as they look to the road ahead.

    “We’re all here as a team to support Yasmin, and help her achieve it,” says groom Denise. “So, the sky’s the limit.”

    And Yasmin’s mum Lesley agrees. “She has the mental aptitude to keep achieving, so watch this space.”

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