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    The demands of a heavy workload can take their toll on a horse’s body. While sometimes the signs might be subtle, the physical stress and strain of a “travel, compete, train, repeat” lifestyle should not be underestimated. That’s why no matter your horse’s athletic endeavours, it’s important to be proactive in his care. So, exactly how can you provide his body with additional all-round support?

    Begin from within

    “Unwanted physical stressors require the body’s anti-inflammatory system to respond to challenges and overcome them. Failure to do so can lead to undesirable consequences, particularly if left unchecked. This can lead to some of the everyday challenges known by many horse owners,” says Dr Andy Richardson MRCVS.

    As NAF’s veterinary director, Andy heads the veterinary team who have worked with their nutrition experts to create the latest of NAF’s Five Star formulas: Metazone.

    “Metazone was formulated to support the body’s own anti-inflammatory response to help ensure optimum health and soundness is maintained,” he explains.

    Metazone is made up of a blend of ingredients that enable the anti-inflammatory pathways. By supporting your horse in this way, you can help maintain many of his bodily functions, from respiratory to gut, joints and more. This will allow him to perform at his best, stay sound while training and competing, and return to muscular comfort afterwards.

    “Any horse who regularly undergoes any combination of training, travelling or competing would be a good candidate,” says Kate Hore, head nutritionist at NAF.

    “And not only for competition horses. We have remarkable feedback from owners looking to maintain skin health, muscular comfort, right down to hooves and joints. In short, anywhere that Metazone can support the body’s many anti-inflammatory pathways.”

    Metazone, which can be fed alongside a horse’s other NAF supplements, provides nutritional support when horses need it. It can be fed on a daily basis or as a short-term boost, and is totally competition-safe.

    What you’re saying

    The benefits are being realised by professional and amateur riders alike, proving that there’s something for every horse being fed Metazone.

    “With the help of Metazone the horses were able to travel the world and perform at their best,” says dressage rider Carl Hester, who last year collected a European team gold medal with top ride Fame.

    Eventing world champion Yasmin Ingham reaped similar rewards.

    “The horses come out of an event or a training session feeling much fresher,” she says. “And bounce back much quicker.”

    It’s not just those at the top of the sport whose horses are benefitting, either. Amateur Rebecca Winstanley, whose horse Simba competes across a variety of disciplines, says: “I’m so pleased with the results, Simba is excelling in the dressage, showjumping and showing arenas.”

    Need to know

    Metazone is available from NAF stockists or your preferred online retailer, in three presentations. Metazone liquid costs from £49.99 for 1l, powder from £49.99 for 1.2kg and the syringe comes in a pack of 3x30ml for £29.99.

    For more information on NAF Five Star Metazone, visit: naf-equine.eu/uk/metazone/

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