Take part in Equi-Med Ag’s mud fever study [Promotion]

If your horse suffers from mud fever even during the summer months, you may be interested in taking part in the Equi-Med Ag project


Does your horse have mud fever? If so, would you like to take part in a data collection pilot study on the treatment of mud fever and pastern dermatitis, using the Equi-Med Ag antibacterial wound dressing roll?

Equi-Med Ag manufacture uniquely designed, reusable antibacterial equine wound care boots and wound dressings designed to help with the treatment and prevention of mud fever. All of our equine wound care products contain a layer of activated carbon and silver, which has antibacterial properties that are thought to be effective when treating and preventing skin and wound infections.

We are currently collecting data for a pilot study to determine the effectiveness of our wound dressing against mud fever and pastern dermatitis. Mud fever is an unpleasant and potentially devastating condition that is frustrating and expensive to treat. Equi-Med Ag  believes that its non-invasive activated carbon and silver dressing works to eliminate bacteria from the infected lesions and skin on the horse’s leg, allowing wounds to heal. Because these bacteria play a central role in the development of mud fever, it is likely that this wound dressing will be effective during the treatment of this condition; however more information is required to demonstrate this.

Equi-Med Ag is currently looking to recruit between 20-40 horses to take part in the study. To fit the criteria, the horse must currently be suffering from mud fever which can range from mild to severe. The owner of each horse recruited will be sent a pilot study pack which will contain swabs, Equi-Med Ag wound dressing and detailed instructions. Each owner will be required to swab the affected area for antimicrobial testing. They will also be asked to take regular photographs at each dressing change to track the healing progress. The pack, wound dressings and antimicrobial testing will be provided free of charge and participants in this study will be offered a discount on a future purchase of wound dressings or our antibacterial boots.

Please note this is not a clinical trial; rather it is a small pilot study project, for the collection of data to determine whether our wound dressing has any effect when used for the treatment of mud fever or pastern dermatitis. The idea of this project is to start to collect data from a small group of affected horses to inform a larger study, to be carried out in the future.

If you would like to take part in our trial, please email info@equimedag.co.uk, tel: 0191 5118323 or 07775 577165. Alternatively you can contact Equi-Med Ag through Facebook page.

For more information about any of our products, please visit www.EquiMedAg.co.uk

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