Mud fever cases wanted to take part in scientific trial [Promotion]

Does your horse still have mud fever? Why not take part in a scientific trial with Glasgow Vet School and Equine Veterinary Consultant Cedric Chan?

Equi-Med Ag manufacture uniquely designed, reusable antibacterial equine wound care boots and wound dressings for the treatment and prevention of mud fever.

All of the company’s equine wound care products contain a layer of activated carbon and silver, which has very powerful antibacterial properties.

They are effective at treating and preventing skin and wound infections, reducing swelling and in earlier trials have shown 100% success rate with all types of mud fever.

Equi-Med Ag’s veterinary adviser, Cedric Chan has teamed up with Glasgow Vet School to carry out a scientific trial to demonstrate the antibacterial effectiveness of these wound dressing against mud fever and pastern dermatitis. This is the first trial of its kind against this increasingly aggressive condition, which is quite often unaffected by topical lotions and antibiotics. Equi-Med Ag’s products are unique in their application in that they are non-invasive and work by removing bacteria from the infected lesions and skin on the horse’s leg, allowing the wounds to heal.

Equi-Med Ag is currently looking to recruit between 20-40 horses to take part in the trial. The owner of each horse recruited will be sent a trial pack which will contain swabs, Equi-Med Ag wound dressing and detailed instructions. Each owner will be required to swab the affected area and send the samples to us for antimicrobial testing. They will also be asked to take regular photographs at each dressing change to track the healing progress. The trial pack and wound dressings will be provided free of charge and participants in this study will be offered a discount on a future purchase of wound dressings or Equi-Med Ag’s antibacterial boots that not only treat mud fever, but also help prevent it!

The results will be used to form a scientific paper to be used in veterinary publications and at veterinary congresses worldwide.  Equi-Med Ag aims to change the approach to the treatment of mud fever. Antibiotics are frequently used as a treatment for this condition, which is only adding to the problem of antibiotic over use and the increase in antibiotic resistant super bugs. All of our products are non-invasive and can also be used as a preventative as well as a treatment. This proactive approach can help keep your horse healthy and pain free and can also significantly reduce your veterinary bills.

If you would like to take part in the trial please contact Equi-Med Ag via email info@equimedag.co.uk or call 0191 5118323 or mobile 0777 5577165. Alternatively you can contact Equi-Med Ag through its Facebook page.

For more information about any of our products please visit our website www.EquiMedAg.co.uk

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