Brogini boots: the perfect fit for every rider [Promotion]

Spur guardThese handmade Lazio and Taranto Boots are ideal for all manner of equestrian disciplines. Made with high-quality Italian grain leather that is extremely soft and moulds to the rider’s leg. The elasticated panel along the back of the boot encompasses the leg to provide the perfect fit for any rider.

The slimline sports sole allows for extra movement and comfort when walking and riding to increase flexibility to the foot and ankle.

Lazio bootAvailable in 2 styles, the 1012 Taranto Boot is available with laces and the 1001 Lazio Boot is available without for a traditional finish.

Additional features include Brogini’s advanced spur guard system. The system is designed to hold a spur in place when riding, which is why Brogini has created a rubber component built in to the back of the boot to decrease movement and hold the spur in place.

Taranto bootThe additional spur guard reduces wear and tear to the lower section of the boot which comes in to frequent contact with the horse and protects the zip from any hair, dirt or mud.

These boots are available in various calf width and heights in EU sizes 36-43 with laces (1012 Taranto Boot) or without laces (1001 Lazio Boot). RRP £250

Find out more about the Taranto at: http://www.brogini.com/Product/1012/Taranto-LongBoot

And the Lazio: http://www.brogini.com/Product/1001/Lazio-LongBoot


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