AeroChill Cooling Rug: ‘ideal for summer competitions’ 8/10

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  • Aerochill Cooling Rug


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    Welcome to our independent group test of cooler and wicking horse rugs. All of the rugs in this group test have been thoroughly tested by busy yard owner and hunting enthusiast Harriet Rimmer. Find out what she thought below.

    Manufacturer’s description

    The AeroChill Cooling Rug provides evaporative cooling for horses to aid recovery time and maximise performance by cooling the horse and helping muscle recovery. The rug is designed to help alleviating heat exhaustion and can be used pre-competition to keep your horse cool to help gain maximum performance. AeroChill is a super absorbent polymer fibre fabric which works by latent evaporation pulling heat from the horse, evaporating off the outside of the rug and improving blood circulation. It is great to use when travelling horses in hot conditions. It is easy to use; simply pour water over the rug and put the rug straight on the horse. For the rug to keep working, it must be kept wet.

    First impressions

    Very technical, innovative and yet simple idea.

    Overview of performance

    This rug was a very effective way of cooling your horse down after exercise. It is easy to use and comes with a handy cool bag to store it. I found the horses’ recovery rate was definitely faster once the rug had been applied and I saw my horses cool down much faster during very hot weather. A great rug to have if you compete regularly in hot weather.

    Likes and dislikes

    I thought this was a great idea and the rug was easy to use. It works very well to cool the horse and so isn’t suitable to use as a sheet to keep your horse clean or as a standard under rug, like some of the less technical all-round rugs in the test.


    I would definitely recommend this rug to a friend who competes during the summer months

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