Noble Outfitters Stable Insulated Vest: ‘it really does the job’ 7/10

Noble Outfitters Stable Insulated Vest


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Noble Outfitters

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Welcome to our independent group test of men’s gilets. All of the gilets in this group test have been thoroughly tested by the team at Wild Farm Equestrian. Find out what they thought below.

Official description

The Noble Outfitters’ Stable Insulated Vest is a brilliant transitional layer for autumn/winter. As the cooler weather sets in, this stable vest is versatile enough to put underneath your heavier jackets to add warmth, or alternatively can be added to a base layer when making the most of the pleasant autumn weather.

First impressions

This is a classic bodywarmer style jacket. It’s bulkier than some of the others so I’m not sure it would work as an under garment, but in its own right over a jumper it should be OK.

Overview of performance

As expected, this gilet was great worn over a jumper on cooler mornings — lightweight enough to not get in the way, but really helpful keeping you warm enough while working or riding without a full coat.

Wild Farm’s likes and dislikes

It is very classic in design, so possibly isn’t the most stylish garment, but it certainly does do its job. It features long tags on all its pockets, making them easily usable even with gloves on. It is, however, slightly longer in design than I personally like and has no drawstring to adjust it.


As an all-round bodywarmer for the yard it really does do its job; what it lacks in style it makes up for in functionality.

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