The new ultra-grip breeches that you really, really need to try

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  • Aiver Sport 4D breeches


    • Fit:
    • Performance:
    • Style:
    • Value for money:


    • Smooth, supportive feel
    • Contouring round knees
    • Comfortable everywhere
    • Thin lycra ankle cuffs
    • Big zip pockets


    • Squeak in rising trot
    • Clammy gel patches

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer loved these ultra-grip breeches and found them great value for money.

    “Oh my god, I can actually do sitting trot in these,” I yelled at my long-suffering trainer from the other end of the arena during a wet February evening lesson on my prix st georges dressage horse.

    “Halle-freakin-lujah! About time too,” came his ever-sympathetic response.

    As a full-time office worker, sitting trot has always been my bête noire — at least I use the excuse of the sedentary lifestyle for a poor seat. So anything that can help me with that, short of bolting or gluing me onto the saddle, is very, very welcome.

    I’ve tested dozens of pairs of breeches, but these are the first that are truly as comfortable as your go-to tracksuit bottoms.

    I tested a size 38 (European sizing, so roughly UK26) in navy, and they come up true to size — perhaps a little more generous than Pikeur or Cavallo’s 38.

    As someone who sometimes works from home and then zooms off to ride at the end of the day, I often sit for hours in my riding kit after my morning run and shower. Sometimes it’s not the most comfortable outfit, but these breeches seriously deliver on the comfort stakes — as well as performance.

    They have a high cotton content (69%) as well as stretch properties. They’re ultra soft but not paper thin and give a truly supportive feel — like a friendly hug for your legs.

    They sit quite high, just right above the hip bones, with a really well-sculpted, feminine shape. They don’t pull down and rest on my hips and don’t need a belt or continual tugging up; they stay exactly where they’re supposed to.

    I had a number of compliments when I started wearing them, and a few people asked me what brand they were. I couldn’t remember, and the italicized logo on the front of them may look pretty, but you can’t actually read it. It does say Aiver Sport, but it’s too cryptic in the curly script, which won’t help people recognize the brand in future or spread the word about it.

    I loved the close contact of not having a full seat combined with the stick factor afforded by the grippy gel strips that wrap round the legs and bum.

    The two front zip pockets are big enough for an iPhone, which makes a nice change. It’s not all that comfortable (or advisable — yes we hear you health and safety elfs) though. They’re also a good size for stuffing your hands in on chilly days. And because they have zips, they don’t gape when you’re on board.

    It was a nice surprise to find real pockets on the back rather than false ones. They’re not big, but they feel nice and are useful for small things like mane combs.

    There’s contour detailing around the knees, meaning there’s none of that super-tight feeling when you first get on (or bend your knees to go to the loo…). And it’s not just the knee seams that are in the right place, but the ones around the crotch are, too. No uncomfortable gathers of fabric right where you don’t want them. Sadly, that’s not always the case. (Are most breeches designers men?).

    There also aren’t any uncomfortable seams or Velcro under your boots; the stretchy, comfortable cuff around the calf and ankle is slim-fitting — which is great if your boots have become a little snug, like mine.

    The comfy, wide waistband has a sturdy belt loops — including an extra wide one at the back, where most force is taken if you wear a belt — as well as pair of easy hook-and-eye fastenings at the front.

    The grey piping is a nice detail and gives a quality finish.

    Although the washing instructions didn’t specify, I washed them inside out to be kind to the gel patches. I was surprised to find that they came out literally as good as new.

    One word of warning though: these do sometimes squeak against the saddle, particularly in rising trot and if you’re riding in drizzle. I didn’t find it a problem on my 10-year-old, but I might think twice about wearing them on a nervy three-year-old — at least to start with. However, if you do wear them on something sharp and they take issue with the squeak factor and have ‘a moment’, you can at least be safe in the knowledge that you have maximum stick in the saddle, so you’re likely to survive.

    One other small negative is that the gel patches aren’t very breathable, so when you peel off the breeches, you can feel slightly clammy patches on your skin where the strips have been sitting. I didn’t mind it though and it didn’t feel odd or uncomfortable when I was wearing them.

    It states on the Aiver Sport website that they provide “mobility and comfort”, and it’s absolutely true. They are cosy as a onesie while performing like a Nike shoe.

    I’m off to go and buy a white pair. I suggest you grab a pair, too.

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    Aside from some small issues, these breeches represent fantastic value for money at £76.62. Others I’ve tried with similar levels of comfort and functionality have routinely cost over £100.

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