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  • Supreme Products blue shampoo




    • Excellent value blue shampoo
    • Removed both surface and deeper stable stains
    • Easy to rinse
    • Leaves a healthy shine


    • Need to use quite a lot for one wash


    Supreme Products

    Price as reviewed:


    Supreme Products blue shampoo review

    Supreme Products Blue Shampoo bottle

    Supreme Products have garnered a superb reputation within the horse world, especially within the discipline of showing, as being market leaders in horse turnout products, so I had high expectations when testing the Supreme Products blue shampoo on my grey Connemara, Yogi.

    Before the bath

    Yogi lives inside overnight so stable stains are commonplace, and during show season he’s bathed once per week on average in an attempt to remove them.

    The first thing I noticed about this particular whitening shampoo is how deep the blue colouring was. Even when it pours from the bottle the colour remains strikingly blue, which was a good indicator of how it would tackle stubborn stable stains.

    Supreme Products blue shampoo diluted in bucket

    The shampoo didn’t produce copious amounts of lather in the bucket, but there was an apt amount once applied directly to the coat

    The directions on the bottle state: “Add the blue shampoo to a bucket of warm water, drench a mitt or sponge in the water and work into a lather on the coat. Brush the later through the coat and into the skin allowing to soak before rinsing.

    I initially wet the coat and drenched the tail with warm water and a sponge before adding a generous amount of shampoo to a separate bucket of warm water. The shampoo didn’t lather particularly well at first, but after a swirl around the bucket with a hose it soon produced a decent amount of soap.

    Hind leg before using the shampoo

    Yogi’s most stained area was his hind leg. I began by taking the solution from the bucket and applying it to his leg with a sponge. More shampoo was needed, so I poured some from the bottle directly onto the sponge and the liquid quickly foamed and got rid of the surface muck on his leg. I left the shampoo on his leg, and on his knees where he also has stubborn stains, to soak in while I worked on other parts of his body. Impressively, when I began to rinse the shampoo from his legs and knees about five minutes later the stains had faded considerably. It’s probably one of the most effective stain-removing shampoos I’ve used on these areas. There was the smallest shade of yellow left, which with further washes will probably reduce even more.

    The hing leg area was noticeably cleaner

    The shampoo was perfect for giving the rest of his body a quick once over. Any surface stains on his neck and belly were gone within one wipe of the shampooed sponge.

    It also worked particularly well on his tail; I opted to dip his tail in a bucket of shampoo and water so it lathered.

    After using Supreme Products blue shampoo

    After using the shampoo

    It rinsed off easily and left a healthy shine on his coat.

    The smell was fairly neutral, which is always preferred as overly fragranced shampoos, unless they are natural, can be a sign of harsh chemicals.

    I used about ¼ of a bottle of shampoo on this wash, which wasn’t as thorough as a pre-show bath, but served a purpose of removing any stains he’d picked up during the week.

    The price of this shampoo is £11.40 for 500ml, which is great value, as I will probably get between four and six washes out of it.


    A high quality shampoo from a reputable brand ideal for grey horses with stubborn stains, though you do need to use a good amount to get the results.

    View Supreme Products Blue Shampoo now at amazon.co.uk, viovet.co.uk, rideawaystore.com, equus.co.uk, naylors.com or gooutdoors.co.uk

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