NAF Profeet Farrier Solution: first look

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  • NAF Profeet Farrier Solution


    • Ease of use:


    • Quick to apply
    • Comes with a brush
    • Sturdy bottle
    • Doesn’t drip


    • Could inadvertently use too much and cause wastage if you’re not careful



    Price as reviewed:

    £15.75 for 500ml

    NAF Profeet Farrier Solution

    The first thing I noticed about the NAF Profeet Farrier Solution was that the bottle was really robust – I’m not worried about this bottle getting knocked over or dropped. I also like that it comes with a brush as it saves you buying one if you don’t have one, but it also means there’s one less thing to root around for. The bristles were sturdy but quite thick, so it was quick to apply but I found that I did get a bit on my horse’s feathers. The brush was firm enough to direct into the grooves each side of the frog, but hard to get into the smallest parts.

    NAF Profeet Farrier Solution brush

    The dressing is a green colour

    The hoof dressing itself is green, which surprised me as all the others I tested have been a more neutral shade. It doesn’t dry green, of course, so this is no problem. Even when I got bits in my horse’s feathers, it seemed to disappear and not cause a problem – although I was a little alarmed at first.

    NAF Profeet Farrier Solution dried on hoof

    One hour post application

    It went on easily and dried nicely. I would say this dressing is on the thicker side compared to most others I’ve tried so there were no issues with dripping. However, when you dip the brush it brings out quite a lot. You really don’t need this much at all – a little goes a long way. I found one dip was more than enough for a sole and a hoof wall.

    It has a pleasant smell and, as soon as I applied it, my horse couldn’t get enough of it – he was sniffing at his front feet for at least a few minutes while I was trying to take pictures.

    The instructions on the bottle suggest it should be applied daily to encourage healthy growth and help to defend against waterborne threats. As hoof grows slowly, it’s difficult to assess how good a product is until you’ve been using it for some time. Now that I’ve tried this hoof dressing on my horse a couple of times, I’ll use the whole pot before adding comments and scores for how long it lasts and how good value it is.


    Initial thoughts – this looks like a good product so far, so I’m looking forward to using it more.

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    Who tested this hoof oil?

    Georgia Guerin looks after Horse & Hound’s shopping, fashion and product content. She spends her days at work researching and reviewing all kinds of products for horses and riders, and is often the first to hear about anything new to the market. Georgia owns a Norwegian Fjord horse who happily tests and reviews all the products she brings home. She is at the yard twice a day every day and spends a lot of time in the saddle, so is perfectly placed to test a wide range of products.

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