Leovet Hoof Lab Elastic Cream: ‘a great addition to any yard’ 8/10

Leovet Hoof Lab Elastic Cream


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Welcome to our group test of equine hoof conditioners. All of the lotions in this group test have been thoroughly tested on the yard of professional dressage rider and trainer Rob Waine. Find out what he thought below.

Official description

Leovet Hoof Lab Elastic Cream contains sallow thorn, ceramides and lecithin, which promotes elasticity and stability within the hoof. The elasticity and resilience of the hoof horn, the walls and heels are significantly improved thus strengthening the hoof and its protective mechanisms. It enables the hoof to be kept more elastic, stronger and smoother with a healthy shiny appearance while supporting moisture balance. This eco-friendly product is free from petroleum jelly, mineral oil or parabens.  It comes with an integrated pump applicator for ease of use.

First impressions

I liked the concept of the brush on the bottle and was intrigued to see how it was going to perform. The design on the bottle looked professional and stood out.

Overview of performance

The brush worked really well and the cream came out in a good foam that got to all the areas of the hoof. As a conditioner it appeared to really moistened the hooves and worked well when applied after work to help keep the hooves in great condition.

Likes and dislikes

I really like how the cream spreads over the hoof and that you don’t get it all over your hands when using the applicator. I do find that you have to squeeze the bottle quite hard though, and some of the product was wasted when applying.


The product works well, the bottle has lasted and it is good value for money – a great addition to any yard.