Globetrotter: Meridien Travels the World by Claire Wilby

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  • Globetrotter: Meridien Travels the World

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    Globetrotter: Meridien Travels the World

    Author: Claire Wilby
    Published: 2021
    Available as paperback or Kindle edition

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    About the book

    This the story of a globetrotting horse, which is based on the travels of a real horse, written for 8–12 year olds. It is a story about friendship, travel and cultural insights – and, of course, a horse.


    Appropriate for a primary school aged child, this book will delight young horse and pony enthusiasts whether they are already competent readers themselves or enjoy a bedtime story. The adventures of Meridien the globetrotting horse are written in short and sweet chapters, following the tales of this French-bred gelding as he sees the world with his rider Charlie, following a short stint as an international showjumper.

    A lot goes on in each short chapter, with the story galloping along so swiftly there’s no chance for young minds to get bored. But within each story the author manages to squeeze in something of horses’ characters, some key equestrian knowledge – from what colic is to why horses are clipped – and something of the culture from the countries in which Meridien finds himself.

    It reads a little like a child’s imagination in places, each tale a sort of day dream I can imagine having as a pony-obsessed nine-year-old. Meridien gets to meet royalty around the world, including The Queen. In fact there is a theme of heading to palaces, once in the Netherlands when a little girl called Sophie who wants to be a princess manages to borrow Meridien for a school competition aimed at celebrating all things orange – Meridien being chestnut.

    Chapters end happily, all works out for the best, there is nothing sinister or perilous to provoke nightmares, even when Meridien is poorly and taken to horse hospital in case he needs colic surgery, but all is well after a spell on a drip.

    Meridien skips around the globe fairly effortlessly as well, though there is the odd hint of realism when for example a strangles outbreak curtails a trip to California. It’s a fun book, written by someone who knows about horses, so it won’t grate with parents or carers reading to their children. And if a love of horses helps children learn a little geography at the same time, and something of other countries’ cultures and traditions, then that can be no bad thing.

    View now at amazon.co.uk

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