Mirror Horse by Tamara Williamson

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  • Mirror Horse: A Memoir



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    Title: Mirror Horse: a memoir
    Author: Tamara Williamson
    Published: 23 November, 2023

    Available as paperback and ebook
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    About Mirror Horse

    In Tamara Williamson’s memoir about the horses that have passed through her life, she opens a door to the complicated and nuanced world of equestrianism. A grand passion for so many of us who have had the opportunity of sharing our lives with these incredible animals, the author shares her personal journey full of ambition, determination, kindness, frustration, fear and joy.

    While on the surface Mirror Horse is about horses, the author crafts a complex story about courage, family and the places where we find a reflection of our souls. In her notes from the author, she admits that she had to “come out of hiding and find the courage” to look deep inside herself while writing this book, saying: “This book was meant to be about horses. Instead it took me on a journey I didn’t expect and became about much more than that.”


    I found myself quickly immersed in this book as it whisked me back to my childhood helping out at my local riding school, and riding around the countryside on loan ponies, hacking to local shows and attending pony club rallies with my friends. Later it opened a door on to keeping horses in Canada and the country’s dressage scene, of which I have no first-hand experience, but in which I can see similarities with the aura of certain individuals and the drama linked to some situations here in the UK.

    The author writes with an authenticity and honesty about her life – and the horses within it – that is refreshing and relatable throughout. She does not shy away from her mistakes or the darker side of what horse sport can bring out in some people. She is open about the challenges, her own shortcomings, and what she learnt – good and bad – along the way.

    The book is broken into individual chapters, each focussed on a specific horse, or in some cases two horses. Some of these relationships are positive, others far less so. The years during which these horses were in the author’s life are given, so it is easy to see which overlap, and how they fit into her childhood through the teenage years into adulthood, married life and beyond. The chapters make the book easy to pick and put down, so it does not need to be read in one sitting. I found myself taking natural breaks at the end of chapters, allowing periods of introspection before picking up the book once again.

    As an equestrian I found this book very enjoyable to read, prompting me to reflect anew on what the numerous horses in my life to date have taught – and continue to teach – me. For those outside the equestrian world, I think it gives a genuine insight into what it is about horses that results in them becoming a grand passion in the lives of so many people around the world. It’s heartfelt and moving at times, as the horses reflect the best and worst of the author’s intentions and emotions, shining a light on a relationship that requires absolute authenticity in order to thrive.


    An engaging and endearing book that is ideal to read over multiple sittings with much to offer both horse enthusiasts and a wider audience.

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    NB: A percentage of the author’s royalties from this book will be donated to the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.

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