The Muck Boot Co Chore 2K all-purpose farm and work boot: review

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  • The Muck Boot Co Chore 2K all-purpose farm and work boot


    • Fit:
    • Performance:


    • Comfortable
    • Hardwearing
    • Warm
    • Look good
    • Non-sweat


    • Slightly tight around the ankle

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer loved these boots and would recommend them to anyone although they were a little snug on the ankle

    My first impressions of these boots was excellent. A good, tough-looking, solid boot with thick sole and deep treads.

    These boots are made from rubber from the sole to the calf, and neoprene fabric above to just below the knee, which adds to their feeling of solidity. Gimmick free – no straps or fastenings – they are billed as a ‘construction worker staple’. Ideal for use on the farm or around horses.

    I give these boots top marks for both quality and comfort. They are so snug and the sole so thick one feels as though one is bouncing rather than walking. They are waterproof and beautifully warm, with a fabric lining that wicks moisture away. I wore these for hour after hour with no rubbing or sore (or smelly) feet.

    Muck boot 2

    They do what they say on the tin: as all-purpose farm and work boot they feel indestructible. The thick tread means they are good on hard standing as well as in deep mud; I dug in fence poles with a spade and barely felt the impact of metal against rubber sole. Extremely good in very cold weather.

    I am a size 6, and these fitted well around the foot and leg. They are an unexpectedly close fit around the ankle, calf and shin, unlike ordinary wellingtons which (by comparison) flap joylessly around. This means they effectively support the lower leg, which I liked.

    Without hesitation I would recommend these boots: anyone who spends time outdoors lugging hay up to the field, sorting a muck heap, or negotiating puddles and deep mud, would appreciate how comfortable and warm these boots are. At £100 a pair they are worth every penny.

    Perhaps a millimetre or two wider at the ankle to allow slightly easier pulling on and off, particularly with a thick sock.

    Overall I am converted. These are the most comfortable pair of work boots – which positively bounce when you walk – I have ever worn, which I hope will see me out.


    These boots are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone


    Colour: Moss

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