Times tough for charities as Covid effects start to bite *H&H Plus*

  • Charities were facing a tough time even before the second lockdown was announced. H&H speaks to welfare organisations large and small to find out how the pandemic has hit their work, and what happens next

    CHARITIES are facing a tough ask as the reality of the economic impact of Covid starts to bite, even before the second lockdown.

    Welfare charities have taken significant financial hits as the vast majority of in-person fundraising events have been forced to cancel and visitors have been restricted, and charity shops have also faced periods of enforced closure.

    This all comes at a time when many are under additional pressure or demand for their services as a result of the pandemic, and many are lobbying the government for more support. While they are all finding new ways to allow them to continue vital work, charities big and small are highlighting the stark realities and just how much difference even small gestures can make.

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