Mark Phillips: Please, take these rules seriously *H&H Plus*


People must abide by the regulations as sport restarts, says H&H’s eventing columnist

I’ve finally made it back to Britain, having been stuck in the USA for three months with flight after flight being cancelled. I have to say I’ve never felt safer travelling, with both Atlanta and Heathrow airports akin to ghost towns and social distancing extreme with a virtually empty aeroplane over the Atlantic.

This has been the longest ever time to have been away from home, so my two-week self isolation does not seem too much of a hardship!

In June, we had horse trials returning in America under strict Covid-19 rules. It seems to have been a successful process, if not normal in any way with masks, social distancing, no spectators and so on. It was thoroughly policed and I beg everyone in this country to follow the British Eventing (BE) guidelines and take the regulations extremely seriously.

Coronavirus is still with us and everyone has to behave in a thoroughly responsible manner if we are not to be shut down once again.