Is it time to sell? How to know when to part ways with your horse *H&H Plus*

  • When it comes to selling your horse, do you listen to your head or your heart? Alex Robinson asks industry experts how riders can make this tricky decision

    SELLING can be one of the most challenging and emotionally charged parts of owning a horse. Not everyone can – or wants to – keep an animal until the end of his days and a sale is usually inevitable at some stage of a partnership, especially if you’re a competitive rider. While obvious physical limitations, such as the size of the horse, might force the hand, there can be other, more complex situations which suggest it may be time to seek out a new home.

    Vere Phillipps (pictured) has bought, sold and produced competition horses for over 40 years. Alongside winners of grand prix showjumping finals and Olympic, world and European eventing championships, he has also found several stars of the hunting field and National Hunt scene. And he’s witnessed his fair share of owners in limbo along the way.

    From a competitive standpoint, there are several reasons a rider might decide to part with a horse.

    You can also read this feature in the 20 May issue of Horse & Hound magazine.

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