Two foals named after Captain Tom who celebrates 100th birthday today

  • Two foals have been named in honour of Captain Tom Moore, the World War II veteran who has captured the hearts of the nation during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Riding centre Cumbrian Heavy Horses and charity World Horse Welfare’s Hall Farm have both welcomed new arrivals named after Captain Tom, who today (30 April) celebrates his 100th birthday.

    Captain Tom set out to raise £1,000 for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden – but to date he has raised more than £30m, and with the release of a number one duet, You’ll Never Walk Alone, with Michael Ball. In recognition of his achievements he has been appointed to the rank of honorary colonel of the Army Foundation College.

    Cumbrian Heavy Horses founder Annie Rose told H&H her Clydesdale maiden mare Creeve Charlotte, known as Tilly, foaled at 2am today – the mare’s due date.

    “With it being Tilly’s first foal I expected she could be late, but she had a clean foaling and did a brilliant job,” she said.

    “I’m a former nurse, my sister Rebecca is a nurse, and my father Gordon worked in the NHS so the connection is very strong – and with it being Captain Tom’s birthday it was a no-brainer what we could call the colt.”

    Annie said she is in “awe” of Captain Tom’s fundraising efforts for the NHS.

    “As a business we’ve supported Armistice Day parades in the past and decorated the horses with poppies. I have so much respect for those who have fought for us and those we have lost in wars,” she said.

    “When I was watching Captain Tom on the news doing the laps of his garden I was crying and I don’t think I was the only one.”

    Tilly and her foal, by Ronnie Black’s stallion Collessie Challenger, are both doing well.

    “Tilly is very protective and has taken to motherhood wonderfully,” said Annie.

    “Captain Tom is terribly sweet. We brought them in this morning to make sure he’s suckling ok and we hope to get them out again when the weather improves over the next few days.”

    Last Tuesday (21 April) World Horse Welfare’s Hall Farm resident mare Winona gave birth to a healthy colt. The pregnant mare arrived in the centre’s care in December, with a foal at foot,Wilfred, as part of a welfare case.

    The charity asked for name suggestions on social media.

    “We decided to pick Captain Tom after the inspiring Captain Tom Moore because he shares some of the qualities we feel our welfares [cases] also have to possess in order to survive the ordeals they go through before coming into World Horse Welfare,” said Hall Farm manager, Sue Hodgkins.

    “They have to be resilient, stoic, determined, positive, selfless – which certainly applies to our mares who come into the farm in foal or with foals at foot – and forgiving.”

    Sue added as the foal grows, his name will help remind staff at the centre how they adapted and coped during lockdown.

    “And that Winona produced this bundle of joy at such a strange time,” she said.

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