Tea for two: mare strolls into racecourse canteen

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  • The trainer of a filly caught on video exploring a racecourse canteen said the mare is in foal and joked “it was her cravings!”

    Four-year-old Rosamaria has become an internet sensation after a video of her escapades went viral.

    Trainer Julie Camacho told H&H Rosamaria gave her lass Katie the slip after she finished fourth in a fillies’ handicap at Redcar on Monday (22 May).

    “After the race, I was still talking to the owners, then I saw her coming back from the direction of the canteen,” she said.

    “I said: ‘What the heck?’ or words to that effect, and they said she’d been in the kitchen.”

    Julie said Rosamaria’s lass Katie fell over when the mare stood on her foot.

    “I think [Rosamaria] just trotted off and went through the back door,” Julie said. “Then she took the next door and ended up right in the kitchen, behind the counter.

    “Thank god I didn’t see it; I think I would have been having kittens!”

    Rosamaria can be seen taking the situation in her stride, which Julie said is typical of her “sweet, kind temperament”.

    “She hasn’t got a mark on her, she’s absolutely fine. It was a tiled floor and she had her aluminium shoes on but she stayed calm, thank god.

    “She’s in foal – it must have been her cravings! – but she didn’t fancy anything they had, and there were some lovely cakes. It’s lucky it wasn’t one of our others, who’d have eaten all of them.”

    Amie Waugh, daughter of trainer Simon Waugh, caught the escapade on film.

    “It was a case of right place, right time,” she told H&H. “We had a runner in the last and had just nipped in for a quick drink. We could hear the clip-clopping, but it could have been one passing outside, then it got louder.

    “She just stood there in the kitchen quite happily, then someone led her out; she wasn’t worried in the slightest.

    “It was one of those things you couldn’t believe was actually happening.”

    Rosamaria’s next race is at Hamilton next week.

    “I’m sure I’ll get plenty of stick,” said Julie. “And she’s not allowed in the canteen!”

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