Pony killed on road after fencing cut open

  • A horse who escaped from his field after fencing was cut has died in a road accident.

    Oxford-based rider Barbara Conner found her four-year-old Quantock hill pony Sid (pictured) was missing from his field in Banbury at 7.30am on 28 January.

    She then noticed cars were slowing down on Broughton Road which runs alongside the field and saw that Sid had been hit by a car.

    Barbara called a vet and he had to be put down as a result of his injuries.

    “It was awful,” Barbara told H&H. “His leg was broken and the car was a write off. Luckily the chap that was driving wasn’t badly injured.

    “There was nothing anybody could do for Sid.”

    Barbara later inspected the field and discovered that three lines of wire fencing had been cut.

    “I cant believe that anyone would cut the fence on purpose,” she said. “I don’t understand people.”

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    Barbara was bringing Sid on for her granddaughter to have as a Pony Club pony.

    “He was showing such potential and had such a lovely temperament,” added Barbara.

    Thames Valley police are investigating the accident.

    “It is believed the horse escaped from its paddock after offenders had cut holes in the barbed wire fence,” a police spokesman said.

    “Unfortunately the horse had to be put down after the incident — this is very sad for the owners. This situation could have been a lot worse and could have caused a human fatality.”

    PC Paul Morse added: “Antisocial behaviour is not tolerated, what seems to be a bit of harmless fun can have serious consequences.

    “We were lucky today there were no serious injuries or even a fatality to any passing motorists, and it is a great shame that a perfectly healthy animal has had to be put down.”

    Those with any information regarding the cut fence should contact Thames Valley Police by dialing 101.

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