Escaped horse killed in road accident

  • One horse has been killed and another had to be rescued by police after escaping onto a main road in Shropshire yesterday (11 December).

    The dead horse was found on the A41 in Tong and while the other was nearby heading towards a motorway.

    A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: “We received several calls from members of the public saying a dead horse was in the road and that another was heading in the direction of the M54.

    “The horse on the loose was caught at around 7am and the dead horse was recovered around 8.20am.”

    The police also confirmed to H&H that an owner had been contacted and had identified the dead horse.

    This latest incident follows a spate of fatalities involving loose horses. As a result owners are being urged to check their fencing to ensure there are no escape routes for animals. With hedges bare of leaves at this time of year, many are finding it easier to get out of their fields.

    Horse owners are also reminded that under the Animals Act 1971 they are liable for their animals’ actions should they cause an accident.

    “We would always advise owners to ensure that their horse is kept in a field with secure fencing and if a horse is tethered, to ensure that he is tethered safely according to the Code of Practice on Tethering,” said a spokesman for World Horse Welfare.

    “Always make sure that you make regular checks on your horse to ensure that he is kept in a safe and secure environment, thus reducing the chance of any harm coming to your animal or others.”

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    The RSPCA has also reiterated these guidelines.

    “We would like to remind members of the public to make sure that fencing used to keep their animals in is secure to ensure the safety of not only their animals but also that of the general public,” said a spokesman.

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