New stable door for Pedro the pony with a periscope

  • A diminutive Shetland pony who struggled to see out of his stable has been donated a bespoke door thanks to his newfound fame.

    Horseandhound.co.uk reported on Pedro’s “Pedroscope” (pictured below) earlier this year (February) and since then the tiny Shetland had gained thousands of fans.

    Pedro door 3Children at London-based charity Ebony Horse Club in Brixton helped design a special periscope that helped 8.1hh Pedro see over his stable door.

    When stabling company Monarch Equestrian watched a video Ebony had created about tiny Pedro’s struggle to see out of his stable they offered to donate a new door.

    “We were so impressed and amused when we saw the YouTube video of Pedro that we couldn’t help but get in touch,” said Judith Hazeldine, manager at Monarch Equestrian.

    “It currently costs Ebony Horse Club over £300,000 each year to run the charity; therefore they rely heavily on the generosity and support of donations to help continue their vital work. It’s been a pleasure to be able to help them and little Pedro out.”

    Fourteen-year-old Pedro plays an important role at Ebony as he is used to introduce children to horses as well as working with children with disabilities.

    Miniature pony can now see over his door without his 5ft periscoOlympic gold-medallist Ben Maher officially opened the stable on Tuesday (28 July).

    “The response to the Pedroscope has been quite remarkable,” said Sue Collins, chair of trustees at Ebony Horse Club, at the opening.

    “The original plan was to get Pedro a mini stable but with Monarch’s very generous offer of providing a split-level door; we found an even better solution.

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    “We’re dividing a large stable into two. 100% of the donations will now go towards a bespoke partition so that Archie, our little Welsh pony and Pedro can be roommates. They’ve become firm friends in the paddock so they’ll love it and we’ve freed up a stable for another, bigger horse.

    “To have Ben here today is so inspirational for our young riders. He gave five of our most experienced members a jumping masterclass — something they will never forget.”

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