Periscope built for tiny Shetland pony [PICS]

  • A tiny Shetland can now see over his stable door after children at an inner-city charity came up with the novel idea of designing a periscope during last week’s half-term.

    The 8.1hh pony, Pedro, arrived at the Ebony Horse Club four weeks ago.

    The club operates in Coldharbour Ward, Brixton, which is one of the most disadvantaged inner-city neighbourhoods in the country. Set up three years ago, it has 85 members and runs riding sessions for seven local schools.


    During last week’s holiday children were tasked with coming up with an idea to help Pedro see out of his stable.

    The Shetland’s large stable is needed for a bigger horse and funds are being raised to build him his own miniature stable. The children were therefore tasked with coming up with a temporary solution to help Pedro get a better view.

    Suggestions to help Pedro see out ranged from making him a special pair of platform shoes to building him a very high straw bed or cutting a spy hatch into his door.


    The periscope idea was taken up by a volunteer who asked Andy Morris, owner of Print and Cut, to build the world’s first Pedroscope.

    “We’ve had some strange requests over the years but never anything like this. It’s the first we’ve ever heard of, let alone made for a pony, but we jumped at the chance to help,” said Mr Morris.

    The 1.50m cardboard device is only used when Pedro is being groomed or waiting for his food.

    “Pedro got the hang of it very quickly,” said Sue Collins, chair of trustees.


    Grace Mpungi, 11, who was involved in the project said: “Pedro is so cute and our other horses love him, especially Joe who is the biggest.

    “I’ve never seen a horse in real lie until I came to Ebony, never mind one as small as Pedro. It’s been so much fun designing and making the Pedroscope.”

    For more information visit www.ebonyhorseclub.org

    Watch a video about the Pedroscope:




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