12 ways Pony Club camp changes you forever

  • Do you miss the water fights and musical rides? Read on to discover what legacy Pony Club camp has left you...

    1. You can hold your own in any water fight.

    2. You know exactly how to clean tack so that it wins a “10” at an inspection, even if the bits that don’t show have never seen a sponge.

    3. You aren’t daunted by washing-up on a huge scale — and you understand that you won’t be given clean hot water if you tip half a bowl of leftover cocoa pops and milk into the tub at an early stage.

    4. You are experienced in washing smaller people under hoses if they get a bit smelly and refuse to take a shower.

    5. Nightly exposure to mass catering custard means you either love it or the yellow stuff still makes you gag.

    6. Finding yourself in any environment with 48 females and four males sparks memories of bitch fights to get off with dorky Paul behind the muck heap.

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    7. You can see in the dark — it’s all that practice sneaking into the boys’ tent or dormitory…

    8. Every time you go away — be it to a horsey event, a business trip or a holiday — you make a kit list and tick things off as you pack them.

    9. You can tack up in 2min because that was usually all the time you had left for your horse after you’d got the rest of your team organised.

    10. You are a more experienced thief — and a better liar — than you care to admit after working out how to sneak into the adult accommodation and nick their alcohol.

    11. You’ve fallen off three times in one day at least once in your past and fully understand you still have to get back on.

    12. You know all the possible ways a musical ride can go wrong, how to deliberately sabotage one and — how to rescue one that other people are deliberately sabotaging.

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