Heading to Pony Club camp? You need to read this first…

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  • For those heading to Pony Club camp this summer, remembering and packing all the kit that you and your pony needs is no mean feat. To help, we bring you a complete guide plus buying suggestions and a few life hacks that will enhance your week

    For your Pony

    NOTE: For all kit, get to work with a marker pen and/or nametapes, so that you can go home with all you arrived with…


    1. Saddle and saddle cover

    2. Bridle  (plus any change of bits for jumping/dressage)

    3. Numnah

    4. Girth

    5. Headcollar and lead rope

    6. Boots

    7. Studs

    8. Martingale/ neck strap

    9. Spares of any of the above in case of breakages

    Some suggestions…

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    Cottage Craft Cambridge bridle

    This pony bridle is great for camp as it is hard-wearing, the buckles are easy to use for small hands, it has a comfortable noseband and comes with rubber reins.
    RRP: £44.98
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Running martingale

    This martingale is a good choice as it comes complete with rein and martingale stops.
    RRP: £18
    Buy now from amazon.co.uk

    Requisite everyday numnah

    A numnah that is great for everyday use due to its girth loops, touch tape billet straps and the fact that it is machine washable. It can also be used in competition.
    RRP: £9.99
    Visit: robinsonsequestrian.com

    QHP Luxo headcollar

    We advise a hard-wearing, strong head collar as you may be grazing your pony in hand everyday and so the more robust your headcollar is, the safer it is. This QHP Luxo headcollar fits the bill and comes in a number of jazzy designs.
    RRP: £24.94
    Buy now from amazon.co.uk

    Shires Tapestry neck strap

    This leather neck strap has an elastic section for extra give and a D-ring to braid into the mane and keep it in place.
    RRP: £17.91
    Buy now from amazon.co.uk

    Snuggy Hoods fleece saddle cover

    A saddle cover is especially useful at camp, keeping it clean and protecting it from bumps and knocks. Plus, you will easily be able to find it amongst all the others. This fleece cover fits securely and comes in other fun patterns.
    RRP: £15
    Visit: snuggyhoods.com

    HKM neoprene brushing boots

    These brushing boots will protect your pony’s legs in all disciplines, plus they are easy to put on, secure and can be wiped clean.
    RRP: £19.77
    Buy now from amazon.co.uk

    Tack Pack

    This tack pack would be a luxury at camp. Not only can you keep your tack all together and safe, but there is also room for your grooming kit and hooks for your jacket.
    RRP: £275
    Visit: www.jswhorseboxes.co.uk

    Tack cleaning

    1. Saddle soap

    2. Sponges/cloths/nail brush

    3. Tack wipes for quick cleans

    4. Plastic bowl for warm water

    Some suggestions…

    Carr and Day and Martin Leather conditioning soap

    This traditional saddle soap leaves your tack well-oiled and comes with a sponge in a sturdy tin.
    RRP: £9.28 for 500ml
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    You can also buy this product in a deal with these two sponges at amazon.co.uk

    Rugs and bandages

    1. Sweat rug

    2. Rain sheet

    3. Fly rug

    4. Stable bandages

    Some suggestions…

    Equi Theme Fleece rug

    This rug can be used when travelling your pony to camp, as a cooler or as a stable rug for the cooler days and nights.
    RRP: £35.98
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Summer rain turnout rug

    If your pony will be living out at camp or if the weather gets bad we suggest you take a lightweight, waterproof rug. This one is waterproof, breathable and comes in some fun designs.
    RRP: £35.99
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Cottage Craft stable bandages

    A set of four stable bandages that come in a carry handle bag.
    RRP: £19.49
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Masta Basic fly rug

    A lightweight summer rug made of soft polyester mesh, with the addition of an integrated neck and tail flap for full protection from biting flies and midges.
    RRP: £27
    Visit: equinesuperstore.co.uk
    Buy now from amazon.co.uk

    Grooming kit

    1. Grooming kit (including sweat scraper and sponges)

    2. Plaiting kit

    3. Fly repellent

    4. Hoof oil

    5. Equine first aid kit

    Some suggestions…

    Roma Ultimate Grooming kit

    This kit includes a dandy brush, hoof pick, curry comb, rubber bands, body brush, sponge, sweat scraper and a hoof oil brush, all in a sturdy plastic box.
    RRP: £22.76
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    NAF hoof oil

    RRP: £6.50 for 500ml
    Visit: naf-equine.eu
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Net-Tex fly repellent

    This potent fly spray can be administered before you ride to try and prevent you and your pony from getting irritated by the summer flies. It can be easily stored in your grooming kit without taking up too much room.
    RRP: £8.94
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Mucking out and feeding

    NOTE: discuss sharing mucking out tools with a friend to avoid you all bringing the same kit

    1. Wheelbarrow

    2. Fork

    3. Skip and gloves

    4. Water buckets

    5. Broom

    6. Feed buckets

    7. Haynet

    8. Stable toys

    9. Feed and hay

    10. Shavings or straw

    11. Feed bin

    12. Plastic sheet to cover hay/straw if being kept outside

    Some suggestions…

    Tubtrugs Flexible bucket

    These buckets are hardwearing and safe to leave over night in your pony’s stable. They are available in various different sizes so you can get one size to use as your feed bowl, one to use as a water bucket and a larger one as a skip.
    RRP: from £6.82
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Builder’s bucket

    As well as the buckets above, it is also good to bring a bucket for carrying water so that you can easily top-up your pony’s drinking water or to use while sponging your horse down.
    RRP: £3.17
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Elim-a-Net haynet

    We suggest you take two haynets so that you have one full outside your stable ready for when the other one runs out.
    RRP: £10.95
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Refuse bin

    This large refuse bin is a good way to store your feed.
    RRP: £12.19
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Faulks Standard corn broom

    Also known as a witches broom, these brooms are lightweight, easy for kids to use and can sweep up the larger pieces of straw as well as the smaller pieces.
    RRP: £13.95
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    GroundMaster garden waste bags

    These are very strong with reinforced stitching at the hems and around the handles. You can use them to skip out, drag/carry it to the muck heap and then just fold it up to store it.
    RRP: £14.99
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    For you

    Everyday riding clothes

    1. Jodhpurs or breeches

    2. Long sleeve shirts

    3. Pony Club tie

    4. Pony Club sweatshirt

    5. Body protector

    6. Hat and hat silk

    7. Whip (short whip and schooling whip)

    8. Gloves

    9. Riding boots

    10. Hairnet

    Some suggestions…

    Champion Flexair Children’s body protector

    The Champion FlexAir Body Protector offers the BETA 2009 Level 3 and EN13158:09 standard, but is flexible, breathable and lightweight. It is made of layered foam that has ventilation holes, plus it is washable and moulds to the contours of the rider’s body.
    RRP: £60.75
    Visit: championhats.co.uk

    Champion Junior Pro-Lite

    A really lightweight riding hat, which is well ventilated and meets the up-to-date safety standards. The helmet is secured by a three-point harness that incorporates a quick release buckle for ease of use with security.
    RRP: £49.99
    Visit: championhats.co.uk

    Stretchy velvet hat cover

    A crash hat or skull cap needs be accompanied by a hat silk otherwise you run the risk of being labelled an “egg head”.
    RRP: £12.37
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Bitz Amara gloves

    These riding gloves are stretchy, have good grip on the reins and come in a variety of colours.
    RRP: £6.25
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Saddlecraft gel handle whip

    This whip is 65cm long, with a grippy, comfortable handle and it comes in a number of bright colours.
    RRP: £8.90
    Visit: thesaddleryshop.co.uk
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Hy Hair Nets

    Available for all hair types and colour.
    RRP: from £1.04
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Pony Club tie

    This tie features the new Pony Club logo and is available in two sizes, 45″ and 52″.
    RRP: £5.50
    Visit: shop.pcuk.org

    Dymo Label manager

    An easy to use instant labeller with six font sizes, eight text styles and over 200 symbols to choose from.
    RRP: £18.64
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Sharpie Permanent marker

    A pack of five permanent markers for you to name all your equipment and clothing with.
    RRP: £3.65
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Competition clothes

    1. White/beige jodphurs/breeches

    2. Tweed jacket or black/navy competition jacket

    3. Pony Club badge

    4. Cross-country colours

    5. White shirts

    Some suggestions…

    Dublin Cubbington Tweed Jacket

    The Dublin Child’s Cubbington Tweed Jacket is a wool show jacket with double rear vents, a velvet collar and a tailored fit. It comes with a complimentary coat bag and hanger.
    RRP: from £62.95
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Pony Club badge

    A must for all members.
    RRP: £2
    Visit: shop.pcuk.org

    Mufti clothes

    1. Wellies/ yard boots

    2. Jeans/ shorts

    3. T-shirts/rugby shirts

    4. Jumpers

    5. Trainers

    6. Swimming costume

    7. Underwear/socks

    8. Night clothes

    9. Towels

    10. Washing kit (toothbrush, hair brush, shampoo, shower gel)

    Some suggestions…

    Muck Boots Kids’ Hale boots

    Not only are these boots tough and waterproof they are also comfortable and let your feet breath.
    RRP: £50
    Visit: muckbootcompany.co.uk
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Dry Kids Waterproof suit

    This is made up of a jacket with a hood and trousers that can all pack-away into a small bag — very useful for keeping your riding clothes clean while you are mucking out.
    RRP: from £11.95
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Camping equipment

    1. Tent

    2. Sleeping bag/duvet

    3. Pillow

    4. Extra blankets

    5. Airbed and pump/camp bed

    6. Torch and headtorch (and batteries)

    7. Some money for the tuck shop

    Some suggestions…

    Slumber Plus camp bed

    A lightweight camp bed with good stability, which comes with a carry bag for easy transportation.
    RRP: £27.53
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Lighthouse rubber torch

    A bright, efficient torch with a run time of up to 48 hours on one set of batteries. It is also water resistant and fitted with a wrist strap.
    RRP: £7.05
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Poweradd portable charger power bank

    Some camps are set up in the middle of a field and finding a place to plug in your phone may be difficult.
    RRP: £8.99
    Buy now at amazon.co.uk

    Contact your Pony Club DC for a camp-specific kit list, and if you have any queries about what to bring.

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