Bits officially recalled over safety concerns

  • A number of bits have been recalled as a “precautionary measure” after they were found not to meet safety regulations.

    On 24 June the Government’s Office for Product Safety and Standards issued a product recall for single- and double-jointed Nathe bits with “built-in plastic connectors and a pink N sticker on the bit end”. The items affected include eggbutt snaffles, D-rings, full cheeks, and three-ring bits.

    A product recall has been issued for a number of horse bits manufactured by Nathe

    Example of Nathe single-jointed snaffle. Those with a pink N are affected by the recall.

    “The plastic connectors of the bit become brittle and can break. A rider could lose control of the horse, fall and suffer injuries,” the OPSS alert stated.

    “The product does not meet the requirements of the General Product Safety Regulations 2005.”

    A spokesman for Nathe asked customers to stop using the bits affected.

    “It cannot be ruled out that the installed plastic connectors will become brittle in individual cases. This can cause the bit to break, which is associated with a corresponding loss of influence,” read the statement.

    “The recall is a precautionary measure to protect riders and horses. As a precaution, consumers who have bought one of the items listed should no longer use the bit and return it to the respective point of purchase.”

    The spokesman added the company “very much regrets” the situation and apologises to all of its “valued” customers for the inconvenience, and thanks them for their understanding.

    British Equestrian Trade Association chief executive Claire Williams told H&H it is important that individuals only return the bits affected by the recall, being those stamped with a pink N.

    “If there’s no stamp, they are not covered by the recall,” she said.

    “If a consumer has one of the affected bits, it’s important they take it back to where they bought it from. On returning the bit to the retailer, consumers will get a full refund, and then the retailer will go to the distributor and be refunded themselves.”

    For further information owners can contact Nathe on info@nather-pferdegebisse.de.

    The barcodes of the bits affected are:

    4022853239129, 4022853239136, 4022853239143, 4022853239150, 4022853239167, 4022853243461, 4022853239181, 4022853239198, 4022853239204, 4022853239211, 4022853239228, 4022853239112, 4022853239235, 4022853239242, 4022853239259, 4022853239266, 4022853239273, 4022853239280, 4022853239297, 4022853239303, 4022853239310, 4022853239327, 4022853239334, 4022853239341, 4022853239426, 4022853239433, 4022853239440, 4022853239457, 4022853239464, 4022853239419, 4022853239549, 4022853239556, 4022853239563, 4022853239570, 4022853239587, 4022853239532, 4022853239600, 4022853239617, 4022853239624, 4022853239631, 4022853239648, 4022853239594 4022853239778, 4022853239785, 4022853239792, 4022853239808, 4022853239815, 4022853239822, 4022853240217, 4022853240224, 4022853240231, 4022853240248, 4022853240255, 4022853240262, 4022853240378, 4022853243348, 4022853240392, 4022853240408, 4022853240439, 4022853243324, 4022853240453, 4022853240460, 4022853243317, 4022853240422, 4022853243331, 4022853240361, 4022853243416, 4022853239174, 4022853243423, 4022853243430, 4022853243454, 4022853243409.

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