Horse People documentary starts tomorrow on BBC2

  • A new three-part documentary featuring “Horse People” kicks off on BBC2 tomorrow night.

    Each of the one-hour episodes of Horse People will provide a fascinating insight into three very different worlds — Spain, Siberia and Montana — where horses are a way of life.

    Documentary makers follow the travels of well-known equestrian Alexandra Tolstoy, daughter of Russian historian Nickolai Tolstoy and grandniece of author Leo Tolstoy.

    Alexandra has already taken part in a number of global expeditions and written about her experiences. During the filming of this series she learned some new horse skills, including competing in barrel racing in Montana and being taught how to bull fight on horseback.

    The series was produced and directed by documentary BAFTA winner Wayne Derrick, who was the man behind Tribe and Medicine Men.

    Horse People with Alexandra Tolstoy will be shown weekly on BBC2 at 9pm from 7 April.

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