Horse found with partly severed tongue highlights ‘horrendous’ dancing bits

  • Prince Fluffy Kareem (PFK) has shared horrifying photographs of a horse with a half-severed tongue to highlight the damage a “dancing bit” can cause.

    The 10-year-old stallion was taken to the Cairo-based animal rescue, which has recently come under new management, for treatment after an inexperienced rider had ridden him in the bit. He was treated and went home, to return for daily checks.

    Emma Thompson, president of the UK-registered charity, told H&H the world of “dancing horses” is for entertainment; they will appear at weddings, for example, as a sign of wealth.

    “This bit is the way they’re trained,” she said. “From the outside, all you can see is the ring, which goes under the jaw, with the flat bit sitting on the tongue.

    “This beautiful stallion’s tongue had almost been severed off completely. These bits are horrendous and despite some believing they are ok in the right hands, it’s our belief that they are never ok.”

    Warning, graphic image

    Emma said some of the dancing horses are trained in this bit, with a person behind the horse, and one in front, “with sticks, bashing it”.

    “So it starts trotting, in the middle of the two sticks,” she said. “It’s just nasty, and it’s right on our doorstep.”

    Emma said she has known of horses whose jaws have been broken by the bits.

    “This one got away lightly just almost half-losing his tongue,” she said. “It’s so horrible.

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    “If a horse comes in who needs our help, we’ll deal with it. We’re getting a reputation now that we can be trusted, so we’ve dealt with this one, and this horse won’t be able to be ridden in this bit again, but how can we change this?

    “We’ll use these pictures to show anyone else who does come in with a dancing bit, it’ll be our way of educating them. The owner of this horse is devastated; I understand he lent him to someone and he came back like this. The fact he brought the horse to us instead of leaving it or trying to do something himself is what we’re focusing on.”

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