Equine law firm adopts 2 rescue ponies

  • A specialist equine law firm has adopted 2 rescue ponies.

    HorseSolicitor, which specialises in personal injury and veterinary negligence compensation claims, has adopted Dexter and Chester, 2 cobs rescued by the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies (SWHP) from a field in South Wales in January.

    The duo, plus their 2 companions, were found on a patch of muddy ground tied to pallets with nylon rope. They were underweight, covered in lice and suffering from pneumonia.

    On its website, SWHP reported: “The ponies did not have access to water and were not being feed properly.

    “We had to cut the nylon rope off the nose of one of the cobs. It had grown into his face right down to the bone.”

    The ponies were taken back to the centre to begin their recuperation.

    Hanna Campbell of the Glamorgan-based firm, HorseSolicitor, visited the centre last month with colleagues and fell in love with Dexter and Chester.

    She said: “We heard a number of heartbreaking stories and were impressed with the amazing work that the charity does. We were particularly taken with Chester and Dexter and look forward to being able to collect them from the centre soon.”

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