‘Bind your beaks in’: Katie Price responds to clipping criticism

  • Katie Price has told critics to “bind your beaks in” after receiving abuse for sharing pictures of hearts and diamonds harmlessly clipped into her daughter’s ponies’ coats.

    The images riled animal rights charity PETA, who said the practice reduces “smart, sensitive animals to playthings”.

    “An unskilled groomer could easily nick a horse with clippers, causing cuts or lesions,” a PETA spokesman told H&H.

    “Clipping patterns into a horse’s hair is about human vanity and reduces smart, sensitive animals to playthings.

    “If Ms Price wishes to shave hearts and diamonds into someone’s hair, we suggest she use her own head and leave animals out of it.”

    The charity clarified that it does not object to clipping when it is done for the “benefit and comfort” of the animal and by a “skilled professional to avoid harm or injuries”.

    A spokesman for Katie told H&H that she has had horses all her life and would never put any animal in danger.

    Check out the patterns we put on princess pony??

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    He added that she has “full respect” for PETA and the work they do, but was naturally slightly disappointed by the organisation’s comments.

    “Clipping is a very common practice, causing no harm or up set to the horse and is, in fact, carried out by many world class riders,” said the spokesman.

    “Katie has over 50 different animals on her farm, all of who are cared for and loved by the whole family.”

    Hearts on princess other pony ??

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    The former glamour girl has shared a number of photos of arty clips on her Instagram and many social media users have come to her defence.

    “See people will now see clipping a horse is very normal so bind your beaks in,” she wrote next to one of her posts.

    Supporters have shared photos of their own equines’ stylish clips on Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #clipforkatie.

    Katie also shared a link to H&H article about learning how to “clip like a pro” with Mary King.

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