8 grooming essentials to make your horse gleam in the ring this summer

  • What grooming items do leading showing experts swear by in order to make the horses in their care look their best in the ring? Renowned pony producer Katy Carter and Jo Jack, head groom to Katie Jerram, reveal eight essential items that give their charges the winning edge

    Katy Carter and Jo Jack’s grooming kit essentials

    1. Oven gloves

    Ideal for lifting coats out and, because they are soft, horses will allow you to rub their whole bodies, including their legs, top of the head and around their ears. According to Katy, a clean pair of oven gloves is also useful for a final wipe over.

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    2. Baby wipes

    Perfect for wiping bits, bridles and faces — as well as oily hands before doing up the girth. Katy swears by them.

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    3. Head torch

    A must-have for early-morning or late-night plaiting. You might feel silly at first, admits Jo, but it makes a fiddly job far easier when the light is poor.

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    4. Dog grooming comb

    Brilliant for helping to remove loose hair, says Katy.

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    5. Tea towels

    Both experts agree that you can never have too many of these to hand. Use a tea towel damp to remove any dust before spraying the horse’s coat, or mane and tail.

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    6. Trimmed dandy brushes

    Jo says that with the bristles shortened, these are sturdy enough to accurately draw on quarter marks that will last as long as you need them

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    7. Half a pair of trimming scissors

    Great for pulling tails in a quick, efficient way without upsetting the horse, says Jo.

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    8. Good old fashioned elbow grease

    OK, this isn’t technically in a grooming kit but, according to Jo, it is the only way to make a coat look its best, so get brushing.

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