App offers cash rewards in exchange for riding

  • A free app is offering owners the opportunity to earn money in exchange for riding.

    Huufe app, which launched in 2018 and allows owners to create user profiles for their horses and track their rides, has released a new feature allowing riders to turn its digital currency, HuufeCoin, into real money.

    The first offer pays riders £100 in exchange for 1,000 HuufeCoins, and the second, an endurance offer, pays riders £1,000 in exchange for 5,000 HuufeCoins.

    Riders can earn one HuufeCoin for every 30 minutes of riding with a maximum of three coins per day, which can be exchanged once they have accumulated enough coins. Riders can also earn a daily coin by opening the app, and by recommending it to friends and family.

    Huufe founders Charlie Trietline and Richard Philips said they have been working on how to reward riders for their equine passion.

    “We asked riders what they wanted from an app and it became apparent that if there was a way that technology could convert riding into something valuable, we would be on to something,” said Mr Trietline.

    “Early adopters of HuufeCoin will be able to cash in soon and dedicated riders have a real challenge to go for with our £1,000 endurance offer.”

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    Riders can also choose to trade their HuufeCoins in the app marketplace for discounts from equestrian retailers including Derby House and Ride-away.

    “We insist that brands give their best available discounts to Huufe’s marketplace and they are happy to do so because this is a super efficient way of them reaching their best customers. Indeed riders are saving up their HuufeCoin and making multiple repeat purchases with equine retailers because they are making such big savings,” said Mr Trietline.

    Huufe, which generates revenue through commission on sales made at retailer websites, is available on Apple and android devices.

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