‘Revolutionary’ app offers users rewards for riding

  • A “revolutionary” app offers users rewards in exchange for riding.

    The Huufe app, founded by Charlie Trietline and Richard Philips, has teamed up with equestrian retailers to offer discounts to users.

    Riders can create personal profiles, along with profiles for their horses, on which they can post videos and photographs and share with friends who also have the app.

    Key features include the “HuufeCoin” rewards programme, which allows riders to earn “coins” for riding, which can be exchanged in the HuufeCoin marketplace. Half an hour’s riding equates to one HuufeCoin with a maximum of three available per day. Current offers available in the marketplace include 35% off retailers Derby House and Ride-away and 50% off gold membership of the Harry Hall One Club.

    Users can track their rides and record vaccinations, worming and farrier visits in their horses’ profiles.

    Richard Philips said: “Our aim is to give the riding community the app they deserve. One that makes riding more fun, safer, easier to manage and definitely more rewarding. We have built features that riders have asked for, such as: ride tracking (with photo and video capture), horse profiles, rider profiles, and horse/stable management.

    “To capture your rides, you simply download the app, add your horse‘s name, put your phone back in your pocket and ride. The GPS in your phone then captures your location and speed, which is saved for you to keep and share it you want. You can see where you have been and keep this as a record for ever. You can also automatically add pictures and videos of your ride.”

    An additional feature available on the app for £1.50 is a safety package.

    Charlie Trietline said: “The safety feature ‘SafeRide’ uses motion sensors in the phone to detect when a rider falls and is not moving. It then alerts nominated contacts that an incident has occurred. The exact location is given with directions to the fallen rider. The second safety feature ‘LiveRide’ allows nominated people track a rider’s location in real time.

    “The safety package is proving very popular, especially as it costs less than a cup of McDonalds coffee.”

    Owners can appoint administrators and riders on the app to help with their horse’s management and allow them to see when their horse has been exercised. The app also has a group facility that allows riding schools and clubs to create a collaborative area to share news and events.

    Huufe, which generates revenue through commission on sales made at retailer websites, is free to download and available on Apple and android devices.

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