‘She’s a bit loony’: Meet RIHS WHP winner Charlotte Horne

  • Name: Charlotte Horne
    Age: 16
    Based: Macclesfield, Cheshire
    Horse: Tinka’s Gift (Taggy)
    Won: BSPS 153cm (15hh) Working Hunter Pony Championship

    When did you win your first sash?
    Probably when I was four, on a show pony.

    Has Taggy got any weird habits?
    She’s a really sweet mare, but she likes to smack her head on the top of the door because she’s a bit loony.

    What are your aims for this year?
    To qualify for Horse of the Year Show this year with her, and hopefully jump some more Foxhunter classes with her over the winter.

    What’s your training philosophy?
    Always reward the horse, and always use a snaffle.
    What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
    “Enjoy it and stay calm”.

    When was your first visit to the Royal International?
    I think it was 2004.
    What’s your secret weapon?
    I don’t usually get nervous.
    What piece of kit could you not live without?
    My spotty socks – I’m quite superstitious so I always wear them.
    What’s your favourite show to compete at?
    Here, the Royal International. It’s a fab show and gives you a great feeling when you’re in there.

    Have you had any embarrassing moments in the ring?
    Last time I jumped here I ended up on a stretcher in hospital – I was jumping clear until the last fence, my pony left his legged on the floor and got the pole between his legs, and flipped over on me. They thought I had a spinal injury, but luckily I was ok.

    If you had to do another discipline, what would it be?
    Definitely showjumping.
    How long does it take you to plait a mane?
    I don’t personally plait! But it takes mum about half an hour.

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