How to ride a perfect dog leg line while jumping

  • Dog leg lines are frequently used by showjumping course builders and they can be challenging to ride correctly.

    Here’s some helpful pointers from Irish international showjumper, David Simpson (pictured), who trained and produced young horses for Shane Breen for seven years, won the Queen’s Cup at Hickstead in 2016 and the Olympia Puissance in 2014.

    1. The key to any dog leg is to break it down into two straight lines i.e you would break a seven stride distance into three and four — three strides moving away from the first fence on the line and then four strides until take off for the second fence in the line.

    2. Stay centre to centre of each fence. A course builder designs the line to be jumped best from centre to centre, so follow this rule and it will give you the best chance of clearing both obstacles.

    3. Entry to the dog leg is important. Don’t be worrying about the line until you have jumped the jump into the line. The dog leg is designed to distract you into making a mistake on the way in.

    4. The jump at the end of the dog leg is equally as important. This will determine how you ride the line. For example, to a double of verticals you would always try to add a stride to create more balance, whereas if you’re riding to an oxer you would be keen to not add and have more impulsion.

    5. Know your horse’s strengths — no two horses are the same (some have a long stride, others short, some are naturally quick, others will struggle with the time allowed). So when you make your plan to ride a dog leg, consider the horse you are on and adapt accordingly.

    Now you’ve got that advice in mind, take a look at these showjumping competitions available to enter where you can showcase what you’ve learnt…

    Unaffiliated showjumping

    Date: 21 March
    Venue: Forest Edge Arena, Swaffham
    Details: “This show features a range of classes from clear round and 50cm to 1.05m.”
    Enter now

    Unaffiliated showjumping

    Date: 21 March
    Venue: Moulton College, Northampton
    Details: “This event features a range of classes from 50cm up to 90cm.”
    Enter now

    British Showjumping

    Date: 22 March
    Venue: Kingston Maurward College, Dorchester
    Details: “This event features a range of classes from a clear round and British Novice up to a 1.30m open.”
    Enter now

    Weekday morning unaffiliated jumping

    Date: 24 March
    Venue: Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre, Cam
    Details: “This event offers classes ranging from 40cm to 1m.”
    Enter now

    Unaffiliated showjumping

    Date: 28 March
    Venue: Cobham Manor Equestrian Centre, Maidstone
    Details: “This unaffiliated show has classes from 50cm up to 1m, plus a 40cm clear round.”
    Enter now

    Open Showjumping

    Date: 4 April
    Venue: Inchcoonans Competition & Livery Yard, Errol
    Details: “This show has classes from 45cm up to 1.05m, with Trailblazers qualifiers plus clear rounds at 35cm and 1.10m.”
    Enter now

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