Get ready to find your life crush: 8 of the best equestrian Instagram accounts

  • Instagram is a fast track way to succumbing to life envy — but we reckon it's worth it when you're following these equestrian accounts...

    1. Stunt rider Ben Atkinson is the man responsible for training the horses for BBC drama Poldark, featuring the gorgeous Aidan Turner (just mentioning him for no other reason than because we can!) Ben’s Instagram account has some absolutely stunning action shots of his horses performing airs above the ground, amongst other things. Jaw-dropping stuff. www.instagram.com/ben_actionhorses

    Selfie time! #stallion #andalucian #horsesofinstagram #equestrian #theactionhorses

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    2. Alex Calder, from Country Wicklow in Ireland, shows off some of her country’s most stunning views from the perfect vantage point — between the ears of her chestnut eventer Ben. Anyone else fancy a trip to the Emerald Isle? www.instagram.com/betweentwoears

    What's up squad? Cattle squaring up to Ben across the hedge. Again. #pedigreesnapys #huaweisnapys

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    3. Photographer and keen rider Emma blogs about her experience of riding all over the world — the UK, Greece, Spain, Jordan, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, Botswana, South Africa, Italy and the USA — and shares her enviable travel photos on Instagram. Who knew that there’s a natural pyramid, Wadi Rum, in Jordan, let alone that you can ride there? www.instagram.com/travels_on_horseback

    4. Wiebke Haas is an award-winning equine photographer from Germany. There’s a dream-like, mysterious quality to her photographs — think Gandalf’s grey steed Shadowfax galloping through a meadow, full name flowing… www.instagram.com/spanishvision

    5. There is nothing in life guaranteed to cheer anyone up more than miniature ponies. Except perhaps miniature ponies showjumping over jumps miles bigger than they are. And a miniature pony on a human bed! Adorable. Everyone needs Crunch and Lippy in their lives — but as they live with their owner Hannah in Sydney, Australia, photos on Instagram will have to do… www.instagram.com/1itscrunchtime1

    6. It’s important to know what Charlotte Dujardin is up to at all times — we wouldn’t want her sneaking in another gold medal without us noticing. www.instagram.com/charlotte_dujardinobe

    Super Alan and @casty300 taking the picture. So grateful to always have them at my side ☺️

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    7. The Nightingales is a small farm in the Swedish countryside that’s owned by Red Riding Hood’s older sister Fleur (she wears blue, that’s how you can tell the difference), and is literally straight out of a fairy tale. Seriously. There are unicorns and everything. www.instagram.com/thenightingalefarm

    8. Inspirational eventer Ben Hobday captures the eventing world at its best — whether he’s schooling at home, trotting up at the crack of dawn or at the top of his game at a four-star. www.instagram.com/benhobday

    9. Horse & Hound’s Instagram account has swung into action — follow us as we head around the country reporting, competing, hunting, hacking… and having fun. www.instagram.com/horseandhound

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