8 reactions you get when you fall off your horse

  • Falling off is a fact of riding life. It happens to even the best from time to time and although occasionally falls can be serious, many tumbles result in nothing more than a few bruises… and the odd bruised ego.

    One thing you can guarantee about falling off is that everyone around you will have something to say about it. So here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the reactions we’ve all heard…

    Mum: “Well, I’m glad that happened now so (insert trainer’s name) can see what you keep doing. Also, why didn’t you hold onto the reins? Honestly, you never learn. It’ll take hours to catch that horse now.”

    Dad: “Seriously? I drove you halfway across the country and you fell off at the first fence? I should have stayed at home and watched the football…”

    Trainer: “Are you ok? Does anything hurt? Can you remember what day of the week it is?” (Thinking: Oh lord. I don’t want to fill in any health and safety forms over this.)

    Boss: “How many broken bones this time? How many days of sick leave? Pass me the office diary…”

    Other half: “For goodness sake! Why don’t you just hold on? Or take up gardening?”

    Horsey friend: “Oh no! What happened? Did you hurt yourself? Is Dobbin ok? How are you going to put that right before you next event?”

    Non-horsey friend: “Ha ha ha ha. Can I see the video? Can I see the bruises?”

    Other non-horsey friend: “What? You fell off? You’ve been riding for years, surely you know how to do it by now?”

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