The European Eventing Championships cross-country: how the course affected the result

  • With the cross-country phase of the Longines FEI European Eventing Championships in Luhmühlen (28 August-1 September) complete, here we take a look at which fences on the course caused issues for horses and riders and how achievable the time proved to be.

    The track, designed by Mike Etherington-Simth and built by David Evans, Carl Fletcher and their team, ran over a distance of 5,800m, incorporating 26 fences, 40 jumping efforts and with an optimum time of 10 min 10 sec. Here’s the full statistics which come after a great day of sport…

    28% made it within the optimum time 20
    83% of starters completed 59
    62% of starters jumped clear

    Fence 1: Auftakt der Sparkasse Harburg-Buxtehude (0%)

    0 faulters

    Fence 2: Bushoxer (0%)

    0 faulters

    Fence 3: Voltaire Eichen (0%)

    0 faulters

    Fence 4: Longines Wasser (0%)

    0 faulters

    Fence 5abcd: Longines Wasser (3%)

    Two refusals 5d — Caroline Gerber (Tresor De Chignan), Philippa Magnusson (Cesar)

    Fence 6: Hof Sudermühlens Reiterbar (0%)

    0 faulters

    Fence 7: Manzke Tisch (0%)

    0 faulters

    Fence 8abcd: Longines Kombination (3%)

    One refusal 8c — Laura Hoogeveen (Wicro Quibus N.O.P.); one missed flag 8c Laura Loge (Absolut Allegro)

    Fence 9: Gärtnerei Wredes Rennbahnsprung (1%)

    One missed jump — Nadine Marzahl (Valentine 18)

    Fence 10ab: Hannover Gatter (4%)

    One refusal 10a — Maria Pinedo Sendagorta (Carriem van Colen Z); two broken pins 10a — Esteban Benitez Valles (Milana 23), Vittoria Panizzon (Super Cillious); one fall of rider 10a — Jan Kaniński (Jard)

    Fence 11: Holzstoß (0%)

    0 faulters

    Fence 12abc: Meßmer Teich (8%)

    Four refusals 12b (pictured) — Laura Loge (Absolut Allegro), Katrin Khoddam-Hazrati (Cosma), Tony Kennedy (Wisteria Lane), Constantin Van Rijckevorsel (Beat It); two refusals 12c — Camille Guyot (Ulsan du Halage), Kristina Cook (Billy The Red)

    Fence 13: Meßmer Mühlenhaus (1%)

    1 refusal — Laura Hoogeveen (Wicro Quibus N.O.P.)

    Fence 14abc: Fischer Wellenbahn (4%)

    Three refusals — 14a Rebecca Gerold (Shannon Queen); two refusals 14c — Camille Guyot (Ulsan du Halage), Laura Hoogeveen (Wicro Quibus N.O.P.))

    Fence 15: Horseware Jump (0%)

    0 faulters

    Fence 16abc: LVM Am Waldrand (3%)

    European Eventing Championships cross-country course

    Two refusals 16c (pictured) — Merel Blom (Chiccolino), Josefa Sommer (Hamilton 24)

    Fence 17: Rathaus (1%)

    One horse fall — Laura Loge (Absolut Allegro)

    Fence 18abc: Lake Land Rover (4%)

    European Eventing Championships cross-country course

    Two refusals 18b (pictured) — Roxanne Gonfard (Opi de Saint Leo), Hans Bauer (Præstegårdens Leopold); one rider fall — Simone Sordi (Amacuzzi)

    Fence 19: Lake Land Rover (0%)

    0 faulters

    Fence 20ab: Lake Land Rover (11%)

    European Eventing Championships cross-country course

    One refusal 20a — Josefa Sommer (Hamilton 24); two refusals 20b (pictured top) — Merel Blom (Chiccolino), Sam Watson (Tullabeg Flamenco), two rider falls — Laura Collett (London 52), Maria Pinedo Sendagorta (Carriem van Colen Z); three horse falls — Ilonka Kluytmans (Image Of Roses), Tiziana Realini (Toubleu de Rueire), Esteban Benitez Valle (Milana 23)

    Fence 21: Charles Owen Royal Works (1%)

    One missed flag — Elmo Jankari (Duchess Desiree)

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    Fence 22: Trakehner (0%)

    0 faulters

    Fence 23: Oxer (0%)

    0 faulters

    Fence 24: Fendt Steinwälle (1%)

    One refusal — Hugo Laschet (Ichak de Monfirak)

    Fence 25: Fendt Steinwälle (1%)

    One refusal — Aliene Ruyter (Bomba)

    Fence 26: Longines Final Jump (0%)

    0 faulters

    Check back for more updates from the Eventing European Championships in Luhmühlen all week, plus full report in next week’s Horse & Hound magazine (dated 5 September).

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