13 ways you know the eventing season has come to an end

Check out our list of sure-fire signs that you know that the eventing season has come to an end

1. When someone invites you to do something non-horsey on a weekend, you consider their proposal rather than just saying no.

2. Social media is filled with riders thanking owners and sponsors for their support over the season.

3.You start to wonder whether the schedules in the back of the British Eventing magazine are really suitable bedtime reading.

4. You find yourself at British Showjumping shows, looking oddly out of place. It’s ok — wearing a hairnet really doesn’t make you wrong.

5. Ditto British Dressage Shows. And yes, tweed is perfectly acceptable in the dressage arena at the lower levels, whatever the H&H dressage editor says.

6. You start to see pictures of event horses on holiday on Instagram rather than competition shots.

7. You wonder whether Olympia would consider an indoor eventing class. And plan a visit to the champagne bar regardless.

8. Event riders will soon be tweeting about their skiing injuries, rather than their eventing injuries.

9. You find yourself taking an unprecedented interest in eventing in Australia, New Zealand and anywhere else where the season is still continuing.

10. Most of the news stories on eventing websites are about end-of-season awards ceremonies, dinners and balls.

11. If your last event went badly, you’re frantically searching for hunter trial schedules so you don’t have to rest on that cross-country round for the next four months.

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12. You read advice about how to win arena eventing competitions. Maybe they will help fill the void eventing has left…

13. You receive your 2020 diary at work. Obviously the first things to go in it are Badminton, Burghley and your personal goal for next year.

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