9 rocking horses every child (and many adults) would love to own

If a pony is at the top of your child’s wish list, but you don’t have the budget/facilities/inclination to grant their request, these rocking horses offer a less-injury prone (and vet-bill proof) alternative.

However it may quickly become clear that the initial outlay of a scruffy pony might be a more economical option…

1. For bling addicts


The famous rocking horse makers Stevenson Brothers have teamed up with Fernandes Exquisite Creations to create Swarovski-covered “Crystal”. But she doesn’t come cheaply…
Price: £98,400
Visit: www.stevensonbros.com

2. For twins

Rocking horses.net2
Looking for a way to avoid sibling disputes? Invest in a pair of twin rocking horses. And if the noise of them racing gets too much, they can be seperated and moved to different rooms to continue schooling in solitude.
Price: email sue@stevensonbros.com
Visit: www.rockinghorses.uk.net

3. The (eccentric) antique

Old rocking horses
Could a rocking horse have any more character? Made in around 1970, this one looks like it’s seen some good times.
Price: £1,600
Visit: www.oldrockinghorses.com

4. For tiny tots

John Lewis
Start your child off early in the saddle with this wooden rocking horse. The protective wooden ring will keep little ones well-supported, but as they grow up, you can remove the frame so that it’s easy for them to get on and off.
Price: £125
Visit: www.johnlewis.com

5. For adventurous riders

Rocking horses.net
If riding a horse isn’t going to cut it, this zebra could be a suitably exotic alternative. For the full African experience, it can be accompanied by a herd of wildebeest running along the base.
Price: email sue@stevensonbros.com
Visit: www.rockinghorses.uk.net

6. For showring hopefuls

Transport yourself to the showring with this smart looking dappled grey.
Price: email info@ayres-rocking-horses.co.uk
Visit: www.ayres-rocking-horses.co.uk

7. For wannabe cowboys

Does your child fancy him or herself as a bit of a cowboy? This could be the answer.
Price: email sue@stevensonbros.com
Visit: www.rockinghorses.uk.net

8. The one to test your plaiting on

Kensington Rocking horses
This antique rocking horse, which stands 46″ from the floor to the top of the head, looks like the perfect specimen to practise plaiting on.
Price: email rh@kensington-rocking-horses.co.uk

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9. Toytown fans

As far as eventing legends go, Zara Phillips’ Toytown — with his signature white spots — is up there with the best of them. And what better way to bring him out of retirement than in rocking horse format?
Price: £5,000
Visit: www.rockinghorses.uk.net

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