16 things we miss about being young

  • How much fun was it being young and horsey? We are obviously still horsey, just varying degrees of young... Anyway, here are a few of the many things we miss about those wonderful days

    1. Being able to get on from the ground

    2. In fact, being able to vault on in the field, bareback, in order to race back to the gate

    3. It not hurting a jot when you hit the deck after screeching to a halt on arrival at said gate

    stable stereotypes4. Indeed, it not being terribly far to fall

    5. It being socially acceptable — desirable, even — to have a matching numnah, travel boots, rug and bandages. (Admittedly you can still get away with doing this as an adult if you do dressage)

    6. Not having a muffin top when wearing jodhpurs

    7. Polo mints being a staple part of the diet

    8. Getting to travel in the luton of the lorry being a highlight of any weekend

    stable stereotypes9. The euphoria of winning a gymkhana. A feeling that couldn’t be dampened, not by your pony standing on your ankle, nor by the fact you had a mixture of water, flour and arena surface stuck to your face

    10. Not having a bad back

    11. Not having to foot the bill

    12. Relishing all chores, as long as they were horse related. Remember cleaning every bridle in the tackroom for fun? Remember even cleaning tack if not for the purposes of a show?

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    13. That feeling the night before every show/rally/hunt being on a par with the excitement of Christmas Eve

    14. Having the energy to leap out of bed at 5:30am and listen for stirring from anyone of car driving age who might possibly be convinced to take you to the yard

    15. Having 6 to 8 weeks off each summer and spending every possible minute of them at the yard

    16. The hot afternoons spent lazing in the haybarn (having constructed a den out of bales), discussing ponies, riders, and crushes on your instructor

    What horse-related things do you miss about being young? Let us know below…

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