Carl and Charlotte do Mr and Mrs: ‘we’ll know when Carl’s grown up because he’ll stop calling people names’

  • As part of Horse & Hound’s 135th anniversary celebrations, we welcomed the chance to pit Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin against each other to find out how much they really know about one another...

    Ever wondered what Carl Hester’s school reports said about him? Or the best Christmas present Charlotte Dujardin ever bought him? We go behind the scenes and play a quick game of Mr and Mrs with British dressage’s most loved pair, and find out a few things we never knew…

    They’ve both had the privilege of riding and competing so many wonderful horses in their time, but which are their favourites, and more tellingly — who do they think is the other’s favourite?

    Charlotte names Escapado as Carl’s top horse of all time, but Carl counters her with Nip Tuck, before going on to guess Charlotte’s favourite — aside from Valegro — as En Vogue.

    Ultimately though, both of them turned out to be wrong, as each said they loved all their horses so much they couldn’t pick a favourite.

    When it comes to their favourite tipple, Carl and Charlotte have it nailed — Carl correctly identifies Charlotte’s drink of choice as a gin and tonic, while Charlotte can even name the specific brand of Spanish white wine that Carl favours. But when it comes to food, they’re not so sure.

    “Chips!” exclaims Charlotte, on Carl’s favourite food is, before reaching the right answer — lamb — with a few clues and sound effects from Carl.

    And as for Charlotte’s favourite food?

    “Pasta,” guesses Carl, before going on to correct himself: “Actually, I know what you love — fish.”

    “But what’s my favourite type, what’s the one you taught me?” presses Charlotte. It turns out to be sweet chilli salmon cooked in foil with spring onions.

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    We ask Charlotte how Carl has changed over the 13 years they’ve worked together — “longer than most marriages!,” says Charlotte.

    “I don’t think he’s really changed — he’s still funny, he’s still silly…”

    “I’m still immature,” Carl agrees. “In fact, that’s what my last school report said about me — ‘we’ll know when Carl’s grown up because he’ll stop calling people names’.

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