6 horsey cartoons to make you laugh

  • More often than not, horses aren’t hugely funny. When they step on your foot, roll post-bath or decide not to be caught, it’s hard to muster a smile.

    But cartoonist Spencer Hill and equine enthusiast Vicky Oakey have managed to put the humour back in horses.

    Their new book “Cartoons from the horse’s mouth” features over 100 cartoons, giving a take on what our horses and ponies are likely to be discussing in our absence.

    And the equines in this book appear to have forthright views on everything from poo-picking, brood mares and Pony Club to poll guards, Iberians and dressage divas.

    Get ready to chuckle about our horses’ take on…

    1. Dressage divas

    Cartoon 6
    “I’m going to take a wild guess and say ‘dressage'”

    2. Limited hay supplies

    “The holes in this haynet are getting smaller! What are you trying to say buddy!!!”

    3. Pint-sized ponies

    Cartoon 4
    “I don’t set the rules, but you do need to accept that you’re a pony and move on Brian!”

    Continued below…

    4. Effective fly-repelling devices

    “Citronella? Cold tea? Lavendar? Smelling good Gloria! Repel those flies!”

    5. Active sires

    “I’m in foal with Sir Roger this time”
    “Really? He sired this one too!”
    “Whaaaat?! He told me I was the only one!”

    6. How horses sleep

    “Isn’t it amazing how we can fall asleep standing?”
    “It’s cool… now what shall we do to him?”

    About the authors

    Spencer Hill is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator producing comic strips, caricatures, cartoons and calendars for a wide range of clients.

    Vicky Oakey  has a masters degree in equine science.

    The pair live together and so it was “only a matter of time before Spencer’s continual search for inspiration met Vicky’s passion and expertise for all things equine”.

    Price: £8.99

    Visit: www.countrybooksdirect.com

    “Cartoons from the horse’s mouth” by Spencer Hill and Vicky Oakey has been published by Kenilworth Press and will be available from Quiller Publishing from 20 May 2015

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