11 things that go through your mind while on a road trip with your horse

  • If you ever travel your horse on your own, you might be familiar with a few of the following thoughts

    1. I hope he’s not lonely back there

    As you load up your horse and close the ramp, you feel a slight pang of guilt that he is all on his own. Maybe this is a good excuse for getting another horse so that he has a road trip buddy in future?

    2. “You *insert swear word* moron!”

    There’s a car waiting to turn out of a T-junction. They see a horsebox coming, panic about getting stuck behind it and so pull out in front of you. Cue the need to break harder than you would by choice with your precious cargo in the back. Not fun.

    3. I definitely need Percy Pigs…

    Other sweets are available, but we reckon these little delights are 100% necessary for any horse-related travel (even if you’re just going 10 minutes down the road).

    4. … And lots of other junk food too

    Because you’ve been up since 4am and you know you won’t be home until 10pm. You know you shouldn’t, but actually Monster Munch, a pasty and 10 bottles of Lucozade are exactly what you need to see you through.

    5. I didn’t leave that gap in front of me for you to fill…

    You’re happily trundling along, leaving adequate distance between you and the vehicle in front of you in case you need to break, only for some ignorant road user to cut in front of you, causing you to take evasive action. You know the type…

    6. Wishing your horse transport fitted through drive-thrus

    Without wishing to sound obsessed by food (and following on from point number four), if only there wasn’t a height restriction on all drive-thrus.

    7. So this is how lorry drivers feel when they have to drive slowly everywhere

    You’re limited to around 50mph. This is sensible where horses are involved, but gosh, it feels steady compared to how promptly you can get around in your car. You realise that this is how lorry drivers feel when they are trekking up and down the country every day.

    8. I wonder what my horse is thinking

    Does he look at the road signs to see where we are? Does he say hi to horses that we pass? The possibilities are endless…

    9. Looking at your horse on the camera…

    …And thinking how cute he is with his mane blowing in the wind.

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    10. The fear that goes through you each time you hear a little rattle or bang

    It’s only because you care and you just want to get to the end of your trip in one piece (and with a fully-functioning horse and vehicle).

    11. Ooh, I’d love to jump that

    All horsey people are guilty of this. As you drive along you see a lovely looking hedge or set of rails and dream of how you would ride them. Eyes back on the road please!

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