Teams for the European Eventing Championships at Blair Castle

  • While most of the FEI European Championships take place in Aachen this year, the eventers will be enjoying the picturesque views at Blair Castle in Scotland. As host nation, Britain has a squad of 12 riders, four team members and a further eight individuals, while other countries can bring only six riders. As we countdown to the event, this page will be kept up to date with team news as and when it becomes available.

    Eventing teams for European eventing championships at Blair

    British squad

    Irish squad

    • Aoife Clark and Vaguely North
    • Padraig McCarthy and Simon Porloe
    • Joseph Murphy and Sportsfield Othello
    • Austin O’Connor and Balham Houdini
    • Michael Ryan and Ballylynch Adventure
    • Camilla Speirs and Portersize Just A Jiff
    • Sam Watson and Horseware Lukeswell


    • Sandra Auffarth and Opgun Louvo
    • Michael Jung and FischerTakinou or Halunke FBW
    • Bettina Hoy and Designer 10
    • Ingrid Klimke and FRH Escada JS or Horseware Hale Bob
    • Dirk Schrade and Hop And Skip
    • Peter Thomsen and Horseware’s Barny


    • Thomas Carlile with Sirocco du Gers
    • Gwendolen Fer with Romantic Love
    • Karim Florent Laghouag with Entebbe de Hus
    • Mathieu Lemoine with Bart L
    • Nicolas Touzaint with Radijague
    • Astier Nicolas with Piaf de B’Neville
    • Thibaut Vallette with Qing du Briot


    • Ludwig Svennerstål and Franzipan
    • Sara Algotsson Ostholt and Reality 39
    • Johan Lundin and Johnny Cash
    • Niklas Lindbäck and Cendrillon
    • Anna Nilsson and Luron
    • Louise Svensson Jähde and Viva

    The Netherlands

    • Merel Blom riding Rumour has It N.O.P.
    • Tim Lips riding Keyflow N.O.P.
    • Alice Naber-Lozeman riding ACSI Peter Parker
    • Theo van de Vendel riding Zindane


    • Stefano Fioravanti on Nodin d’Orval
    • Luca Roman on Castlewoods Jake
    • Pietro Roman on Barraduff
    • Ag. Pietro Sandei on Instige Ohio
    • Arianna Schivo on Quefira de L’Ormeau
    • Giovani Ugolotti on Oplitas

    This page will be updated with the latest team news as it becomes available in the run up to the Europeans

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