Feed to keep your horse happy and healthy this winter

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  • Whether your horse needs to put on or lose condition, have more or less energy, live in or out this winter — we bring you our selection of feeds to suit your horse this winter

    Lincoln Omega Gold Rapeseed Oil

    Lincoln Omega Gold Rapeseed Oil is 100% pure cold pressed rapeseed oil, which provides a palatable balance of Omega 3, 6 and vitamin E to improve digestion and provide ‘non-heating’ energy to maintain condition.
    RRP: £9.80 for 1 litre

    Saracen Horse Feeds Equi-Jewel

    Equi-Jewel from Saracen Horse Feeds is a pelleted, high oil, stabilised rice bran supplement designed to increase the energy density of the diet, decreasing the reliance on cereals while improving topline and body condition.
    RRP: £45 for 20kg

    Dodson & Horrell Winter Health Mash

    Dodson & Horrell has brought this feed back due to popular demand. It is a feed designed to be fed warm to support the immune and digestive systems over the winter. With added Echinacea, bran, mint, fennel, carrots and peas, it soaks in 10 minutes, warming the horse from the inside.
    RRP: £10.99 for 12kg

    Castle Horse Feeds Smart Zero Mash

    A tasty, nutritious mash offering a high fibre, low starch and low sugar diet to promote gut health and integrity. This feed contains zero molasses, zero cereals and is fully balanced with vitamins and minerals.
    RRP: £10.99 for 15kg

    Baileys Top Line Conditioning Cubes

    A highly digestible, non-heating cube feed, which promotes and maintains condition during the winter months. This feed is good for horses in work needing to build top line and muscle, while staying level-headed, plus it is supported by performance levels of vitamins and minerals.
    RRP: around £13 for 20kg

    Equerry Conditioning Mash

    Equerry Conditioning Mash is a quick-soaking mash for horses that need to gain weight and condition. This mash has a ‘non-heating’ formula with low levels of starch and has a good level of protein for muscle development and topline. It also includes digestible fibre sources including sugar beet, while oil and linseed promote condition and a shiny coat. Throughout October and November there is a national promotion of £2.00 off a bag at participating retailers.
    RRP: £11.95 for 20kg without the promotion

    Countrywide Sugar Beet Pellets

    This feed is good for one horse owners as it comes in a 10kg bag, which is rare to be so small. Once soaked it provides a highly palatable source of digestible slow release fibre energy that is low in sugar and starch-free to help keep the hind gut healthy.
    RRP: £4.99 for 10kg

    Dengie Alfa-Beet

    A high-fibre, low sugar and low starch conditioning feed that is good for aiding hydration and promoting weight gain without excitability. It is free from molasses, preservatives and is ready after 15 minute hot soak or a two hour cold soak.
    RRP: £12.23 for 20kg

    Spillers Speedy-Mash Fibre

    This new product is high in fibre, low in starch and molasses free. It is suitable for every horse or pony including good doers and those prone to laminitis.
    RRP: £9.49 for 20kg

    Gain Equine Nutrition Freedom Cubes

    An oat free, low starch complete feed, suitable for horses that require a low starch diet and ideal for promoting winter condition without the fizz.
    RRP: £15.38 for 25kg

    British Horse Feeds Speedi-Beet

    Speedi-Beet from British Horse Feeds is a nutritious, versatile, quick soaking beet pulp feed that is suitable for feeding the leisure horse or competition horse. Rich in amino acids, Speedi-Beet provides quality protein sources to aid muscle development and function. It is also starch free and unmolassed, making it 95% sugar free and ideal for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.
    RRP: from £11.35 for 20kg

    Pure Condition

    A fibre-based feed perfect for horses that tend to drop weight during the winter. It is very low in starch and sugar, high in oil and based on the company’s unique blend of grass, fibre and energy sources. Contains all the vitamins and minerals needed by the average horse.
    RRP: £15.95 for 15kg

    Either go online to find out more, where to buy and stockists for all these feeds or visit your local feed supplier.

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