11 skincare treats for riders this Christmas

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  • Skin care for horse riders is a topic that probably splits equestrians down the middle – those that have a religious skincare routine and those for who this is non-existent.

    Winter is hard for horse owners with mud, rain, wind, more mud. While you might wrap your horse up in lovely new rugs and have the snuggest winter riding clothes, chapped lips and dry skin will still strike and caring for our skin is an important part of daily self-care – you’d never let your horse go without, after all.

    Aching muscles after hunting? Raw hands from scrubbing icy water buckets? H&H has rounded up some of our favourite skincare, hair and beauty products to help you through the winter. So if you’re looking for Christmas gifts, why not treat yourself to a few of these to add to your own grooming kit?

    Skin care for horse riders

    1. The Body Shop Vitamin E night cream 

    Body Shop Vit E cream: skin care for horse riders

    You might be wrapped up to the nines, thick scarf, ear warmers under your hat — the works — but your face is still taking the brunt of that icy breeze as you canter up that hill. Mornings are always a rush if you are trying to balance horses, work, children, other animals etc, so the beauty of this is that you can slap it on at night. Job done.

    This overnight daily moisturiser is made with hyaluronic acid and raspberry seed oil, and is suitable for all skin types.

    £15 for 50ml

    Buy at thebodyshop.co.uk

    2. No7 Essential Moisture day cream

    No7 day cream skincare prods

    Need something for the daytime too? This won’t break the bank and is formulated for those who suffer from dry skin.

    Enriched with soothing elderflower, this day cream is light, easily absorbed and fragrance free.

    £9.50 for 50ml

    Buy at boots.com

    3. Vaseline Intensive Care: Healthy Hands and Stronger Nails lotion

    Vaseline hand and nail: skin care for horse riders

    Gloves for everything is a great idea in theory, but if you are tacking up and untacking all day long, not always practical (… although fingerless gloves are a godsend). However hard you try to keep your hands under mitts, cold weather and detergent are tough on skin and nails. Plus you get change from a fiver.

    This lotion claims to have your nails ten times stronger in two weeks.

    £4.39 for 200ml

    Buy at amazon.co.uk

    4. O’Keefe’s Working Hands cream

    OKeefes working hands: skin care for horse riders

    Described as “the leading product for people that work with their hands”. Yep, I think this definitely qualifies as skincare for equestrians.

    This non-greasy and unscented formula replenishes the moisture levels in the skin, while also providing the skin with the protection it needs.

    £6 for 80ml

    Buy at amazon.co.uk

    5. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour lip balm

    Elizabeth Arden lip balm skincare prods

    If you compare the price of this with a set of new shoes for your horse — it is a snip. Chapped lips are miserable and this SPF20 balm is great for soothing the sore and dry.

    This balm combines the right combination of vitamins and minerals with broad-spectrum sun protection to deliver everything your lips need look radiant, healthy, and beautiful all day.


    Buy at amazon.co.uk

    6. Barry M Lip Rehab lip mask

    Barry M lip rehab: skin care for horse riders

    Perfect for keeping handy in a pocket, this lip mask is apparently ideal for use in cold weather – and we know all about that.

    This lip mask contains avocado oil to help soothe and heal chapped lips, and hemp seed oil to treat dryness, while it is infused with vitamin E to protect and prevent UV damage.


    Buy at amazon.co.uk

    7. Udderly Smooth moisturising cream

    Udderly Smooth: skin care for horse riders

    Bear with us… rumour has it that this udder cream alternative is the business for dry skin. If you don’t fancy an industrial-looking tub on your dressing table, Udderly Smooth has a range aimed at people (rather than cattle). We haven’t tried these yet, but they look great.

    This water-based moisturiser is greaseless and stainless with a light, fresh fragrance. Originally developed for use on dairy cows, it is now an everyday multi-purpose beauty aid due to its rich moisturising ingredients and performance in softening dry, thirsty skin.

    £8.89 for 340g

    Buy at amazon.co.uk

    Hair, body and beauty

    8. Batiste dry shampoo

    Batiste dry shampoo skincare prods

    Sometimes there is just no time, as people with horses well know, to fit in a fresh blow dry after every ride. Pick out the hay from your own mane and a spritz of this is ideal for an emergency touch-up when going from ponies to parties.

    The UK’s best-selling dry shampoo will leave your hair feeling clean and fresh. With a few quick bursts you can instantly transform your look anytime as it also adds volume, body and texture. Choose from seven scents.

    £1.49 for 200ml

    Buy at amazon.co.uk

    9. Maybelline Falsies Lashlift waterproof mascara 

    Maybeline waterproof mascara skincare prods

    Mascara streaming down your cheeks on a day’s hunting is not ideal. For those who simply can’t go without a little tint on their lashes, try this…

    This waterproof mascara delivers dramatic length and volume without flakes or clumps.


    Buy at boots.com

    10. Westlab Epsom bathing salts

    Westlab Epsom salts skincare prods

    Epsom salts may be more at home in the feed room than the bathroom, but a nice hot bath with a handful thrown in is a treat for sore post-no-stirrup-work-out muscles.

    Produced by the UK’s leading mineral bath salt experts, these salts have been used for hundreds of years and are ideal for muscle relaxation and sports recovery.

    £4.99 for 1kg

    Buy at boots.com

    11. The Original Mane ’N Tail shampoo and conditioner set

    Mane N Tail set skincare prods

    Yes, it’s that shampoo you’ve seen someone using at the yard when they’ve been bathing their horse, but it’s now been discovered by Muggles on the high street.

    Originally created to help promote fuller, stronger, flowing manes and tails on show horses, this is shampoo and conditioner you can share with your horse.

    £12.98 for 255ml bottles

    Buy at amazon.co.uk

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