Fed up of bulky buckles? Don’t miss these single ply stirrup leathers

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  • If you’re looking for single ply stirrup leathers that give you less bulk under the thigh and a closer contact with your horse, don’t miss this selection of buckle-free leathers.

    Bates Webbers


    These Webbers are designed to reduce bulk under the rider’s leg by using a single length of English leather with a bonded nylon core. The strap has a loop at one end to go over the stirrup bar and is adjustable at the other. These Webbers can be used on any leather saddle and are a good choice for riders needing maximum contact with their horse. Available in black, brown and Havana.

    RRP: £44.99

    Visit: www.thesaddleryshop.co.uk

    Prestige Dressage stirrup leathers

    prestige dressage stirrup leathers

    The Prestige Dressage Stirrup Leathers are single ply stirrup leathers that feature an adjustable ‘T bar’ and stitch loop at top to minimise bulk under the leg. Available in black only.

    RRP: £55.95

    Visit: www.saddlery.biz 

    Dever Ascot Close Contact stirrup leathers


    These single ply stirrup leathers are made from quality hide covered leather and feature a stainless steel ‘T bar’ fitting. The thin leather helps to eliminate bulk under the rider’s leg and therefore improve the contact with the horse. The stirrup leather also has a shaped keeper for a neat fastening. Available in black or brown.

    RRP: £49.95

    Visit: www.ebay.co.uk

    Single Ply stirrup leathers


    These single ply stirrup leathers are made with an inner core of high quality, non-stretch, synthetic webbing, which is covered in leather. They are easy to use and adjust and help to minimise bulk underneath the rider’s thigh.

    RRP: £64

    Visit: www.balanceinternational.com

    Dressage ‘T Bar’ stirrup leathers


    These single ply stirrup leathers are made from soft calfskin leather. They are non-stretch and feature a nylon centre to prevent stretching. The ‘T bar’ fastening eliminates the bulk of a buckle and excess leather, ensuring the rider can maintain a close contact with the horse. The top loop fastens to the bars of the saddle and the bottom ‘T bar’ is used to adjust the length of the leathers. Available in black.

    RRP: £55 (including postage)

    Visit: www.thesaddlecompany.co.uk

    Wintec Webbers


    These synthetic Webbers eliminate bulky stirrup leather buckles, for greater comfort.

    RRP: £25

    Visit: www.rideaway.co.uk

    Single Ply stirrup leathers


    These ‘T bar’ dressage stirrup leathers are made from a nylon strap covered in soft leather. These leathers adjust from the top by placing a metal ‘T bar’ into a crew hole.

    RRP: £65

    Visit: www.ejeffries.co.uk

    Felix Bühler Buckle Free stirrup leathers

    calfskin stirrup leathers buckle

    These short stirrup leathers are made from very supple, soft calfskin. They are perfect for quick and easy adjustment.

    RRP: £22.90

    Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

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