7 of the best short-term energy boost supplements and pastes

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  • We take a look at some of the best energy boosting supplements on the equestrian market

    Simplyboost Energy

    1. Boost B12

    Simplyboost Energy is a targeted boost of vitamin B12 to support the production of energy in the body, making it ideal to help maintain energy levels during competition or for horses and ponies that need an extra boost when feeling fatigued after hard work or travelling. It provides a healthy, targeted solution allowing you to respond immediately to your horse’s daily needs. Available in 500ml (10 day serving for horse, 20 day serving for pony).
    RRP: £8.95 per bottle
    Visit: www.equilibriumproducts.com

    Equimins Energy B Booster Supplement Paste

    2. energy_b_boost_25ml copy

    Oral vitamin and mineral paste containing B vitamins, important trace elements, organic minerals, glucose, vitamin E and amino acids. The product should be administered one hour before strenuous activity.
    RRP: £4.75 for 30ml oral syringe
    Visit: www.equimins.com or call 01548 531770

    Equimins Per4mance Booster

    3. performancebooster 1litre bottle

    Instant energy shot for hardworking horses made using honey, glucose, ginseng extract, cider apple vinegar, eucalyptus oil and menthol. 50ml of liquid can be given up to three times a day as needed.
    RRP: From £10.75 for 1L bottle
    Visit: www.equimins.com or call 01548 531770

    Blue Chip Joint RLF

    4. joint_RLF_2012_highres

    Blue Chip Joint RLF includes a powerful combination of ingredients including glucosamine HCL, MSM, hyaluronic acid and rosehip extract. Joints can become less mobile in colder months and these ingredients work synergistically to help keep your horse sound and in work.
    RRP: £44.95 1 litre (25ml/day lasts 40 days = £1.12/day)
    Visit: www.bluechipfeed.com or call 01142 666200

    Blue Chip Dynamic

    5. Dynamic_highres

    Blue Chip Dynamic is a pelleted joint and bone supplement that is best suited for growing youngstock, elderly horses and competition horses. Alongside glucosamine HCL and MSM it also includes silicon and manganese to help promote strong, dense bone.
    RRP: £41.95 20kg (100g/100kg bodyweight) lasts a 500kg horse 40 days = £1.05/day
    Visit: www.bluechipfeed.com or call 01142 666200

    Horse and Pony Direct Joint Supplement

    6. sup-joint

    Horse and Pony Direct Joint Supplement includes glucosamine HCL and MSM to promote suppleness and mobility, especially through winter when the latter can become a problem particularly in older horses or those stabled for long periods.
    RRP: £14.99 1kg (£12.99 when 3 or more are purchased) 30g/day – lasts a horse 33 days
    Visit: www.horseandponydirect.com or call 0844 2472144

    ReadySupp E-mmunity

    7. Emmunity

    A comprehensive pick-me-up formulated to boost energy and vitality in unthrifty horses. Helps support recovery, horses with undiagnosed poor performance, horses under stress – perhaps from travelling, and those undergoing box rest. Contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and immune supporting active ingredients such as echinacea, ginseng and rosemary.
    RRP: £50 (30 day supply) £140 (90 day supply)
    Visit: www.readysupp.com or call 01672 541157

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