13 feeds formulated to help your horse gain weight and condition

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  • While obesity is currently a major problem in the horse world, having an underweight horse can also be problematic, which will have you searching ‘horse feeds for weight gain’ or ‘feeding a horse for weight gain’. Once you’ve identified that your horse is underweight – body condition scoring can be a useful tool to help with this – it’s important to identify the root cause. It could be a range of problems, such as inefficient digestion or dental issues – or you could simply be feeding the wrong feed or the wrong ration.

    Horse feeds for weight gain will contain a range of components – some will be high fat, while others will contain extra proteins. To work out what your horse needs and what will suit him best, it’s worth contacting a range of feed manufacturers to see what they would suggest. Most offer a free nutritional helpline service and will take a full history of your horse in order to offer the best advice.

    In the meantime, here’s a selection of horse feeds formulated for weight gain (listed alphabetically)…

    British Horse Feeds Fibre-Beet

    British Horse Feeds Fibre-Beet

    Bag weight: 20kg | Daily ration: Up to 5kg | RRP: £15.50 |

    Described as a ‘super fibre’ conditioning feed, Fibre-Beet is a formulated blend containing all the benefits of the original Speedi-Beet product, with added high quality alfalfa for optimum condition and to provide quality protein for muscle tone and function. It has a high digestibility value providing slow-release energy without the fizz, and helps to generate heat to maintain core body temperature. Ready to feed in only 15 minutes when soaked in warm water or 45 minutes if soaked in cold water.

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    Cavalor WholeGain

    Cavalor WholeGain

    Bag weight: 20kg | Daily ration: 500g – 1kg | RRP: £57.50 |

    This feed is 20.5% fat, which safely adds weight without excess energy. Feeding fat does not cause undue systemic stress, such as kidney issues seen with protein-based feeds, or muscle and gastrointestinal problems correlated to high starch rations. With additional Omega 3 and Florastimul prebiotic, Cavalor WholeGain also helps strengthen immunity and improves gut health and digestion.

    Connolly’s Red Mills Horse Care Ultra Cubes horse feeds for weight gain

    Connolly’s Red Mills Horse Care Ultra Cubes

    Bag weight: 20kg | Daily ration: 1–3kg | RRP: £11.95 |

    Free from cereal grains, this ultra-low starch conditioning cube from Red Mills is specially formulated to support condition and topline. This nutritionally advanced formulated has a starch content of just 4%, which is one of the lowest starch content of conditioning feeds on the market.

    Dengie Alfa-A Oil horse feeds for weight gain

    Dengie Alfa-A Oil

    Bag weight: 20kg | Daily ration: 1.5kg | RRP: £16.58 |

    This high-fibre feed from Dengie promotes weight gain and exceptional condition without excitability. It is blend of pure alfalfa and rapeseed oil that’s abundant in quality protein for aiding topline and muscle development, while the high oil content promotes healthy skin and coat shine. It contains no added sugar and is low in starch (2%). Approved by BETA for horses and ponies prone to equine gastric ulcer syndrome.

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    Dodson & Horrell Build & Glow horse feeds for weight gain

    Dodson & Horrell Build & Glow

    Bag weight: 18kg | Daily ration: 500g | RRP: £31.70 |

    Build & Glow from Dodson & Horrell is a high calorie, palatable pellet with a low feeding rate, making it easy to incorporate into an existing feeding plan to support weight gain and coat condition. It contains a blend of rapeseed oil, linseed, rice bran, soya and Vitamin E, as well as added seaweed, biotin, and nettle. 

    EA Bloom and Condition Pellets horse feeds for weight gain

    EA Bloom and Condition Pellets

    Bag weight: 18kg | Daily ration: 250g–1kg | RRP: £26.55 |

    This is a carefully formulated blend of high oil, omega-3, stabilised rice bran and full-fat linseed, with added antioxidants and calcium. It provides slow-release energy for improved condition and stamina without excitability, promotes healthy skin and coat, and encourages topline development. It is highly palatable and easy to mix into existing feeds.

    View now at equine-america.co.uk

    Gain Prep ‘n’ Condition horse feeds for weight gain

    Gain Prep ‘n’ Condition

    Bag weight: 20kg | Daily ration: 5kg | RRP: £14.28 |

    This muesli from Gain Equine Nutrition contains a highly palatable blend of ‘super fibres’ and oils for topline and condition. It has elevated levels of vitamin E to help support muscle function and natural plant antioxidants to support vitamin E utilisation. 

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    Mollichaff Condition Complete horse feeds for weight gain

    Mollichaff Condition Complete

    Bag weight: 15kg | Daily ration: 2.5kg | RRP: £11.20 |

    This highly digestible, complete fibre-based conditioning feed is high in oil and low in starch. It contains a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, as well as Yea-sacc and a prebiotic.

    NAF Five Star Optimum horse feeds for weight gain

    NAF Five Star Optimum

    Bag weight: 3.7kg or 9kg | Daily ration: 100g | RRP: £29.99 for 3.7kg |

    This concentrated formula from NAF is formulated to complement either a high-fibre, low-concentrate or performance diet and optimise the nutritional value of every daily feed ration. It can also be fed on its own and contains key ingredients to optimise gut function, combined with optimum nutritional supplement specification to balance the diet. 

    View now at viovet.co.uk, naylors.com, amazon.co.uk or rideawaystore.com

    Rowen Barbary ReadyMash Extra horse feeds for weight gain

    Rowen Barbary ReadyMash Extra

    Bag weight: 20kg | Daily ration: 2kg | RRP: £15.48 |

    This palatable and fully balanced mash from Rowen Barbary is suitable for horses of all ages and activity levels. It contains milk powders and essential oils to improve condition and glucose powders to aid recovery.

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    Saracen Conditioning Mix horse feeds for weight gain

    Saracen Conditioning Mix

    Bag weight: 20kg | Daily ration: 2kg | RRP: £17 |

    This calorie dense, fully fortified feed from Saracen contains Equi-Jewel, which is a rice bran supplement that supports topline development. The coconut flavoured mix is low in starch and contains a full spectrum of vitamins and chelated minerals, which support natural stress resistance and the immune system, while the high oil levels support coat condition and hoof quality.

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    Spillers Digest+ Conditioning Cubes horse feeds for weight gain

    Spillers Digest+ Conditioning Cubes

    Bag weight: 20kg | Daily ration: 3kg | RRP: £14.59 |

    Low in starch and high in digestible fibre and oil for slow-release energy, these cubes from Spillers contain pre- and probiotics to support gut health and reduce the risk of excitability, as well as high quality protein sources to support good muscle tone and topline development. They are molasses-free and contain no added sugar.

    TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer for weight gain

    TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer

    Bag weight: 15kg or 20kg | Daily ration: 500g | RRP: £30.95 for 15kg |

    This TopSpec balancer helps to significantly increase weight gain by improving the efficiency with which your horse converts the total feed and forage he eats into what he needs for maintenance, work and weight gain.

    View now at viovet.co.uk

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